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House of Legends - Service - SickKids Foundation JPG
House of Legends - Service - SickKids Foundation JPG
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House of Legends - SickKids Foundation

House of Legends - SickKids Foundation - Service


Title: House of Legends
Brand: SickKids Foundation
Product/Service: Service
Client: SickKids Foundation
Entrant Company: Cossette
Agency: Cossette
Production Company: Scout Honour
Editing Company: Nimeopere
Sound Company: Rajakovic Electric
Creative Director: Mario Cesareo & Sarah Rutherford
Entrant Company Country: Canada
Release Date: 2023-10-03
Duration: 01:50
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director: Anthony Atkinson
Individual Credits: Associate Creative Director(s): Alex Korobova, Alene Shahnazarian, Andrew Niemira
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Sarah Rutherford, Alene Shahnazarian, Andrew Niemira, Emma Ilaqua, Tyler Patterson
Individual Credits: Art Director: Alex Korobova, Tina Peng, Fatima Braimoh
Individual Credits: VP, Business Lead: Tyler Robson
Individual Credits: Group Business Director: Valerie Mascarin
Individual Credits: Business Director: Alex Hughes
Individual Credits: Account Executive: Veronica Coles
Individual Credits: Chief Strategy Officer: Cat Wiles
Individual Credits: VP, Strategy: Geraldine Tixier
Individual Credits: Strategy Director: Mac Taylor
Individual Credits: Senior Print Production Director: Dawn-Marie Mills
Individual Credits: Senior Video Production Director: Liana Rico
Individual Credits: Senior Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier, Thomas Dagg
Individual Credits: Senior Production Artist: Shireen Kok
Individual Credits: Agency Producer: Andrew Schulze
Individual Credits: Director; Mark Zibert
Individual Credits: Exec Producer: Rita Popielak
Individual Credits: Exec Producer; Simon Dragland
Individual Credits: Photographer: Thomas Dagg
Additional Credits: SVP, Direct, and Digital Marketing: Heather Clark
VP, Brand Strategy And Communications: Kate Torrance
Marketing Director: Roy Gruia, Noelle de la Mothe, Alisa McKay, Sandra Chiovitti
Associate Director: Jess Myers, Tanya Tucker, Monisa Mees, Lisa Charendoff, Tania Kwong, Annie O’Leary
Coordinator, Community Stakeholder Relations: Kylie White
Public Relations Professional: Taylor Huff
Manager: Rebecca Shrimpton, Robyn MacDonald, June Li, MaryJane Peters, Neha Trivedi, Molly DeHaan
Associate Director: Victoria Jiang
Intern: Melody Zhang

Managing Director: Daryl Heroux
Director of Strategy: Laryssa Savrasykh
Strategist: Zoe Sullivan
VP, Strategy: Josie Haynes
Account Director: Katie Skinner
Senior Account Manager: Justine Little-Trent
Videographer: Janick Laurent
Photographer: Tricia Zaremba
Editor: Reginald Gray
Videographer: Andy Ferreira
Sound Operator: Brian Hanish

Editing House: Nimeopere
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Assistant Editor: Bryan Reuben
Exec Producer: Julie Axell
Producer: Julie Axell
Colorist: Wade Odlum
Producer: Genna McAuliffe
Lead VFX & Online: Sean Cochrane
Exec Producer; Stephanie Pennington
Producer: Katie Methot
Music Composer/Audio Director: Mark Rajakovic
Executive Producer: Nicole Rajakovic
Mix & Sound Design: Aaron McCourt
Voice Over: Angellika “Jellytoofly” Smith
Singer: Alana Bridgewater
Additional Vocals: Isabella Rajakovic
Mixed at JuiceBox Audio & Signal