About Gerety Awards

Named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan ‘‘A diamond is forever’’  The Gerety Awards recognises global talent, mentors and allies within advertising—the people who will define and refine the standard to which advertising should be held.

Created with a purpose of spotlighting talent, and supporting initiatives that champion diversity in the creative industries. Like a Diamond, the work is judged by cuts, and there are TEN possible cuts to submit to. International Executive juries from around the world will determine a short-list of finalists that will be submitted to an International Grand Jury of creative experts for final evaluation.

Winners are determined based on scores achieved across the board, regardless of the product advertised or medium submitted. This ensures that only the very best work is given a Gerety.

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The Gerety Awards, 13 rue Ernest Lefevre, 75020 Paris France.

Gerety Awards

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