Andrea Siqueira
Executive Creative Director
BETC Havas


Andrea Siqueira is the Executive Creative Director at BETC São Paulo, and has been Jury Member of the Creative Ecommerce Category at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in 2018.

She has started her career at DM9, where she won her first Cannes Lions, D&ADs, Clios, among some of the best international awards. Then, she moved to JWT, as a senior copywriter, to work on Ford creative account and Unilever. A year later she became creative director for Unilever, Nestle, Nokia and Johnson&Johnson. At JWT, she also accumulated international experience leading creative projects for US and Europe.

With the experience of a big international agency, Andrea moved to be the creative director of Africa Zero, a DDB Brazilian agency startup, which she helped to build, in 3 years, from 0 to 14

Before joining BETC Sao Paulo, Andrea was the Executive Creative Director of Isobar Brazil, a global, full-service, digital native agency, part of Dentsu Aegis Network for almost 3 years. There, she worked as an integrated agency for great clients such as Walmart, Samsung, Lego and Azul Airlines.

Along her career, Andrea could experience both traditional networks and digital agencies and her work has been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, Clio, Clio Sports, Fiap, NY Festival, and almost every important award in the Brazilian advertising market.

Andrea has also served as President of Innovation Jury at El Ojo de IberoAmerica 2017, and as Jury member at the D&AD Festival, One Show Festival, Clio Festival, Wave Festival and all major local festivals.

She has 2 kids that wait for her everyday to read a story before bedtime.

-With the experience of a big international agency, you moved to be the creative director of DDB Brazilian agency startup Africa Zero. What were the different challenges you were faced to with this change? What’s different from working in those two places?
When I moved to Africa Zero, I was looking for the startup feeling of “fail fast” experiences… After many years with international clients at JWT, I was heading to a local agency with local clients with the opportunity to speak to the company founders and make a difference.  Of course, it was a well thought movement because Africa Zero is part of DDB group, so, it has a local flavor but with a strong communication group as a back up.
-You were jury for the Creative e-Commerce category in Cannes Lions last year. What struck you more of the work you saw?
Clients and brands really cannot miss the opportunity to talk to consumers with every touching point, and this is e-commerce. Every journey that comes to a sale in the end, and of course, this sale is often a digital sale, is e-commerce. Brands are enchanting consumers within the pltaforms, like the RGA Nike case with Snapchat.
-“There’s not many agencies that have as their leader a creative, founder & CEO. That’s the best life saver for the turbulent moments the industry is going through. Nobody is better prepared to adapt to changes than a CEO that is a creative leader”. Why do you think this is an advantage to and what do you think are the most complicated things the industry is going through?
Our industry is changing a lot, creative people are prepared to face transformations and unexpected things. We deal with frustration all the time, this is the core of what we do, so, to have a creative CEO leading the agency (as BETC has) is the certainty of having someone looking outside the box to come up with new ways of doing the same old things.
-I read about you “Andrea, other than being a great and renowned experienced creative is also an inspiring leader”  How do you think you can get the best out of a creative team? What methods or tips do you use to encourage the people that you work with?
I believe in them. We have to believe in people. My job is to encourage them to take risks, to be persistent and to try to come up with things I wouldn’t think of. Diversity of genres, ages, and backgrounds is really important in order to motivate a group of thinkers.
-You said you were very happy to participate as a jury in the Creative e-commerce category at Cannes Lions that will become a pillar both for the festival and for the communication industry. Why do you think this will happen?
As I said before, every journey that comes to a sale in the end is e-commerce. Platforms are being used to charm consumers, like the Volvo app, I think the experience track will get stronger at Cannes Festival and e-Commerce is inside this Experience Track.
-“We have the power to build a better society”. What key elements do you think a campaign has to have to encourage or initiate change in society?
We are living in the dialogue era, we’re not alone anymore, just talking to consumers, they are now talking back.
That’s why I think our industry has to be responsible with the community.
But I don’t think all brands should have a purpose, there are some brands that have a strong DNA and can have a real purpose, there are others that just need to inform or entertain.
-I also read you have two kids that wait for you to listen to a bedtime story before going to sleep. Do you read them stories or do you sometimes make the stories up?
That’s a great question.
When my youngest (who is now six years old) couldn’t read, I could sometimes create new parts of the stories, but, now that she can read, I’m not able to do this anymore. They hate when I make up stories with them in it.
-And last but not least, have you thought what you want your legacy to be?
I would be very proud to be remembered as someone talented, brave and generous to people.
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