Ciara O’Meara

Creative Director
McCann UK


Ciara is a multi-award winning Associate Creative Director. She began her career at Ogilvy & Mather, Dublin in 2008 making work for global brands such as Coca-Cola and GSK.

From there she joined an independent agency called Brando (now In The Company of Huskies) and within 2 years helped the agency win Ireland its first digital Cannes Lion for O2. She then moved to DDB Canada where she continued to be awarded for her work and in less than a year was on the Canadian Strategy Top Art Directors list, twice.

Now she’s based in London, UK and is at independent agency Joint working on Amazon Global, Kettle Chips, Thatchers Cider, Vue Cinemas, ECP and TSB. Before Joint she was at BETC as a Lead Creative on Danone and Rimmel. While there she made the first song scientifically tested to make babies happy for Cow & Gate gaining the brand a UK number one, created new global brand campaigns and positionings for both Bacardi Global and Rimmel and helped bring back the hunk for Diet Coke.

By evening she volunteers with SheSays and Creative Equals helping create events and workshops for young women in advertising and is also a Who’s Your Momma and For Creative Girls mentor.

By night she draws her twitter followers and has sketched over 600 portraits for her blog – #twitollowersketches. Follow her if you want one @ciaraomeara.

Any time she has left is spent wandering around art galleries and playing the classical flute. At the same time, obviously.

Gerety Awards

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