Bec Brideson


Bec Brideson
CEO & Founder
Venus Comms


Bec Brideson has been in advertising for 25 years. Somewhere between the clichés of Bewitched the drama of Melrose Place and the stereotypes that started in the Mad Men era – Bec is determined to transform advertising to better reflect the world we want to live in. She opened her agency, Venus Comms, in 2004 and within a few years had a dozen clients, a hubby, two babies and grew her business to thirty staff working on national accounts. It has been far from easy and she has the battle scars to show it. In the last 15 years she’s written great campaigns like the launch of AFLW’s “I’d like to see that”, published a book “BlindSpots: How to leverage the fastest growing economy” and has spoken around the globe on women’s economic influence.  She has started a movement #womenwithagency to support women-owned business in the industry.

Gerety Awards

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