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The Font That Saves Eyes - Typeface for computer programmers - Intel MP4 2m:14s

The Font That Saves Eyes - Intel
Typeface for computer programmers

The Font That Saves Eyes - Intel - Typeface for computer programmers


Title: The Font That Saves Eyes
Brand: Intel
Product/Service: Typeface for computer programmers
Client: Intel
Entrant Company: VMLY&R
Agency: VMLY&R Kansas City
Production Company: Frere-Jones Type
Entrant Company Country: United States
Release Date: 2023-04-21
Duration: 02:14
Individual Credits: Robb Smigielski - VMLY&R - Chief Design Officer, The Brand ID & Design Studio
Individual Credits: Michael Eppelheimer - VMLY&R - Executive Design Director
Individual Credits: Andrew Shephard - VMLY&R - Group Design Director
Individual Credits: John Godsey - VMLY&R - Chief Creative Officer, North America
Individual Credits: Allison Pierce - VMLY&R - Global Chief Creative Officer, Intel
Individual Credits: Ericka Lu - VMLY&R - Senior Account Manager
Individual Credits: Abby Fraser - VMLY&R - Managing Director Client Engagement
Individual Credits: Ellie Kort - VMLY&R - Associate Director Strategy & Insights
Individual Credits: Amrita Bhatia - VMLY&R - Director, Strategy & Insights
Individual Credits: Kellyn Rixford-Dunn - VMLY&R - Director, Strategy & Insights
Individual Credits: Sarah Fahim - VMLY&R - Senior Strategist
Individual Credits: Tobias Frere-Jones - Frere-Jones Type - Founder and Design Director
Individual Credits: Christine Bateup - Frere-Jones Type - Director of Business and Licensing
Individual Credits: Nina Stoessinger - Frere-Jones Type - Senior Typeface Designer
Individual Credits: Fred Shallcrass - Frere-Jones Type - Typeface Designer
Individual Credits: Darryl Adams - Intel - Director of Accessibility
Individual Credits: Christopher Hirsch - Intel - Director
Individual Credits: Matthew Turrini - Intel - Brand Identity Strategist
Individual Credits: Adam Anderson - Intel - Brand Identity Manager
Individual Credits: Paige Kane - Intel - Brand Identity Strategist
Additional Credits: Gareth Ford Williams - Ab11y.com - Accessibility Consultant
David Mitchell - VMLY&R - Chief Technology Officer
Daffodil Ryan - VMLY&R - Supervisor Client Engagement
Megan Mills - VMLY&R - Group Director Client Engagement
Aimee Ortiz-Tolley - VMLY&R - Director Client Engagement
Malorie Roling - VMLY&R - Program Director
Betty Greiner - VMLY&R - Senior Production Business Manager
Christopher Kusber - Intel - Brand Identity Strategist
Matt McNary - VMLY&R - Associate Design Director
Denisse Zeigen - VMLY&R - Integrated Production Supervisor
Kyle Grandmaison - VMLY&R - Editor
Jack Strain - VMLY&R - Motion Designer
Steve Stone - VMLY&R - Group Director, Integrated Production