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Father & Son Film - Brand Film - BMW JPG
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Father & Son Film - BMW
Brand Film

Father & Son Film - BMW - Brand Film


Title: Father & Son Film
Brand: BMW
Product/Service: Brand Film
Client: BMW; Max Bauer Head of Content Creation and Production, Christina von Jakubowski Head of Father & Son Campaign, Jasmin Kuchenbauer Projektlead Social
Entrant Company: Jung von Matt AG
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Production Company: ICONOCLAST Germany
Editing Company: SLGH
Sound Company: Iconoclast Publishing France & Sound design & Mix company: Tins & Strings
Creative Director: Chief Creative Officer: Piggy Lines (THE GAME), Executive Creative Director: Thim Wagner & David Leinweber, Creative Director Copy: Bastian Tripp, Creative Team: Anna- Lena Müller & Sarah Kondratowicz
Release Date: 2023-12-14
Duration: 01:32
Individual Credits: Project Management: Aileen Scharrenberg, Client Service Director: Vinzent Groitl,
Managing Director: Jan Anderssen, Senior Producer: Sophie Lotsch & Lina Ulm, Production Company: ICONOCLAST Germany, Executive Producer: Nicolas Blankenhorn, Producer: Björn Krüger-Levy, Production Coordinator: Steffen Bach, Production Assistant: Noelle Goetz, Director: Marcus Ibañez, Director of Photography: Arseni Khachaturan, Stills Photographer: Leon Becker-Detert Offline Edit: Iconoclast Germany, Producer: Jens Maier-Rothe, Editor: Nik Kohler, Online Edit: SLGH, Colorist: Romola Davies, Producer: Christian Wegehenkel, Music: Iconoclast Publishing France, Music Supervisor: Léo Copet, Composer: Sylvain Picart, Sound design & Mix company: Tins & Strings, Sound Design & Mix: Adam Smyth, Sound Producer: Olivia Endersby, Service Production: Magic, EP: Ramojus Petrauskas