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The Hockey Jersey - Scotiabank

The Hockey Jersey - Scotiabank - Scotiabank


Title: The Hockey Jersey
Brand: Scotiabank
Product/Service: Scotiabank
Client: Scotiabank
Entrant Company: Rethink
Agency: Rethink
Production Company: Steam Films & Tiny Pictures Inc.
Editing Company: School Editing
Sound Company: OSO Audio
Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy, Dhaval Bhatt
Release Date: 2023-01-17
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Mike Dubrick
Individual Credits: Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald
Individual Credits: Art Director: Ashley Park
Individual Credits: Writer: Aman Soin
Individual Credits: Group Strategy Director: Crystal Sales
Individual Credits: Integrated Producer: Kate A Spencer
Individual Credits: Integrated Producer: AJ Merrick
Individual Credits: Integrated Producer: Agnes Gilchrist
Individual Credits: Director of Broadcast Production: Nadya MacNeil
Individual Credits: Broadcast Producer: Alex Butt
Individual Credits: Broadcast Producer: Joanna Ferro
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Jill Brennan
Individual Credits: Line Producer: Kirsta Teague
Individual Credits: Director: James Michael Chiang
Individual Credits: Director of Photography: Keenan Lynch
Individual Credits: Director: Adam Crosby
Individual Credits: Editor: Monica Remba
Individual Credits: Assistant Editor: Bianca Bissada
Individual Credits: Partner/Executive Producer: Sarah Brooks
Notes for Judging: For 50 years Scotiabank has celebrated the role of hockey in Canadians’ lives. In 2021, an onslaught of news of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other harmful behaviours in the sport, made it an unignorable fact that our national game has a serious diversity and inclusion problem. In response, Scotiabank saw its support of hockey as a responsibility to help shape its future in Canada and launched the hockey for all platform - a commitment to making the game more diverse, inclusive, and accessible for all.

For Canadian children, their first introduction to our national game begins with hockey story books. The most famous, Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater, is so beloved and core to the Canadian identity that it’s printed on our currency. But the book about our national sport doesn’t reflect the people of Canada. This classic Canadian story with an all-white, all-male cast of characters has been the introduction to hockey for generations of children, leaving a massive portion without ever seeing themselves represented in the game.

To help change hockey’s future, Scotiabank needed to change where the hockey journey starts for so many kids. So it set out to help fill the representation gap in children’s hockey literature by commissioning a new, more diverse and inclusive version of The Hockey Sweater with a modern storyline, setting, and characters that reflect Canada. Named The Hockey Jersey, the book was created in partnership with Black creators: author Jael Richardson and illustrator Chelsea Charles.

Flipping the genre on its head and challenging every convention and stereotype that has defined hockey until this point in Canadian history, The Hockey Jersey features an all-girls team, Black, Indigenous or players and families of colour, and a range of cultural representations. Crafted in collaboration with the community, sensitivity readings were hosted with families from the diverse backgrounds featured in the book to ensure they were accurately represented after years of exclusion from hockey.

In its first week, the book sold out online and continues to surpass all sales projections with 86x more copies sold than the average book in Canada, reaching #1 on Apple Books and #3 on Amazon children’s books. The Hockey Jersey is in the official curriculum of over 500 Canadian schools and public library councils.

With all proceeds of the books’ sale donated to Hockey4Youth, the book is actually helping diverse, high-priority youth take the ice. Ensuring the book is in the hands of hockey’s next generation, thousands of copies were donated to community-level programs and philanthropic hockey partners.

With undisputable positive social sentiment from over 30 million total impressions across 150 pieces of broadcast, online, and social coverage, The Hockey Jersey significantly impacted brand metrics with BIPOC populations showing a 76% increase in reputation and a 14% increase in likelihood to consider vs. previous period.
Additional Credits: Colour and Finishing Facility: Darling VFX
Colourist: Patrick Samaniego
Colour Assistant: Eric Kingsbury
Executive Producer: Will Culverwell
VFX Artist: Faith Clark
Executive Producer: Morgan Campbell

Producer: Kristine Lippett
Creative Director / Sound Design: Daenen Bramberger / Harry Knazan
Engineer: Omid Geadizadeh

Photographer: Steph Martynuik
Executive Producer: Tristan Tran
Producer: Kendra Stefankiewicz
Props: Dani Reynolds (Cadre Artists)
Digital Tech: Jeff Jamieson
Photo Assistant: Marc Santos

Printing: Blain Gummow; RR Donnelley, Dan Thompson; Italic Press

Media: PHD Media
Director, Planning: Ellen Pereira
Senior Manager, Planning: Felicia Pierskalla
Manager, Planning: Drew Himel
Manager, Planning: Patrick Reynolds
Manager, Activation: Mallory Thompson
Manager, Social: Kristen Li

Partnership Contracts: MKTG Sports & Entertainment
Managing Director: Dave Chong
Vice President, Consulting: Daniel Ehman
Director, Consulting: Justin Firth
Account Executive, Consulting: Gian Bajwa
Director Brand Activations: Amy Van Kessel
Associate Director, Brand Activations: Jennie Friedman
Coordinator, Brand Activations: Kayley Cheung
Coordinator, Brand Activations: Lida Qanun
Director, Strategy: Mike Burke
Production Partner: Defined Designs, Dwayne Virag

Group Business Lead: Amanda Dornan
Group Account Director: Sarah Reidlinger, Niki Sahni
Account Director: Daniel Riggi, Kelly Brennan
Account Supervisor: Sandra Stainton
Account Manager: Geraldine Sebastian, Simone Fernandes
Head of Brand Narrative: Meredith Montgomery
PR Director: Chenda McKissick
PR Specialist: Kaitlyn Vian, Claire Tam, Tara Lush-Benson

Global Chief Marketing Officer: Laura Curtis Ferrera
Vice President, Global Sponsorship & Events: Mike Tasevski
Vice President, Head of Global Brand: John Rocco
Director, Global Brand Management: Katie O'Donovan
Director, Global Sponsorships - Hockey: James Savage
Senior Manager, Brand Sponsorships: Matthew Dicker
Senior Manager, Global Sponsorships: Kelsey Wolff
Manager, Global Sponsorships: Nick Kalyn
Manager, Global Sponsorships: Kaitlyn Keon
Assistant Manager, Brand Sponsorships: Diana Colley
Assistant Manager, Global Sponsorships: Callie Carkner
Global Sponsorship Marketing Intern: Gabe Fleming
Director, Communications: Doug Johnson
Senior Manager, Communications: Charlene Callaghan
Manager, Communications: Kelty Reid
Director, Agency and Account Management: Ashley Eaton
Senior Account Manager, Marketing Services: Arturo Montano Osorio
Senior Account Manager, Marketing Services: Ana Fonseca
Production Designer, Marketing Services: Dillon Scheenaard
Director, Social Media and Content: Shefali Vyas
Manager, Social Media Marketing: Maja Protuger