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HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad - Ariel India

HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad - Ariel India - Detergent


Title: HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad
Brand: Ariel India
Product/Service: Detergent
Client: P&G India
Entrant Company: BBDO India Pvt. Ltd
Agency: BBDO India Pvt. Ltd
Production Company: Tiger Telly
Editing Company: Tiger Telly
Release Date: 2024-04-10
Duration: 02:36
Individual Credits: Josy Paul
Individual Credits: Suraja Kishore
Individual Credits: Hemant Shringy
Individual Credits: Kaizad Pardiwalla
Individual Credits: Naina Meattle
Individual Credits: Sandeep Sawant
Individual Credits: Omar Khan
Individual Credits: Girish Wadisherla
Individual Credits: Rakesh Samal
Individual Credits: Madhuboni Bhattacharya
Individual Credits: Anjali Jethani
Individual Credits: Hitesh Shah
Individual Credits: Govind Pillai
Individual Credits: Harshil Shah
Individual Credits: Sharat Verma
Individual Credits: Mukta Maheshwari
Individual Credits: Ritanshu Kashyap
Individual Credits: Garima Singh
Individual Credits: Ria Arora
Individual Credits: Pragya Mallik
The Indian news is buzzing with stories of women empowerment and their achievements.
However, in reality, 63% of employable women are NOT a part of the workforce in India.
There exists a huge employability gap of 50.9%, with only 19.2% women in the workforce.
And even amongst working women, Third-party research revealed that 75% OF WOMEN FINDIT DIFFICULT TO MENTALLY DISENGAGE FROM HOUSEHOLD RESPONSIBILITIES.
57% OF THEM DECLINE WORK-RELATED OPPORTUNITIES that involve travel due to concerns about their partners' ability to manage household chores during their absence.
Patriarchal gender norms persist in Indian culture, which make women bear almost the entire load of domestic responsibilities and prioritize this over their own personal or professional interests and growth. The mental load of knowing and planning for the household also remains on her.
So, while some women have managed to realise the opportunities that came their way and changed the tide for themselves, a majority who have the intent are still swimming against some strong forces they face at home.
Since 2015, Ariel #ShareTheLoad is the longest running purpose-led-performance campaign.
Hence as a brand that champions gender equality at home, our role is to accelerate the pace of change by provoking not just an attitudinal change but a behavioural change by addressing the intent and opportunity gap they find themselves stuck between.
Additional Credits: Anup Tondwalkar
Rajeev Mohite
Akanksha Seda
Yoshita Bhaskar
Kevin Nunes
Anmol Samel
Rucha Deshmukh
Mitalee Prabhu