Samia Azzedine
Samia Azzedine
Digital Senior Creative &
LOOP Vienna
United Kingdom
Viennese with Arabic roots Samia has been working in advertising since 2011. After dropping out of business school, Samia discovered her talent and passion for copywriting and creating ideas by chance. Being awarded as “CCA Junior of the year” and “ADCE Young European Creative” at the beginning of her career gave her the boost, motivation and self-esteem into hard working years in this business – especially as a woman. Samia worked for several renowned international agencies in Vienna – until she found her way more and more into the digital field. Today she is Digital Senior Creative at the owner-managed agency LOOP in Salzburg/Austria and works on international clients like Porsche, Red Bull and PUMA. When she is asked what has changed after all these years, the answer is: the urge to develop campaigns with “purpose” is greater than ever; socially relevant messages with depth should emerge from advertising. And sometimes, when nothing else works, Samia prefers to go running. Running until her head is empty and her thoughts can be free again.