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Order duplicate or personalized engraved Gerety statues and certificates.

Gold, Silver & Bronze statues: € 400
Beautifully crafted  winners statues are made from a black  urethane casting resin. The results casting them from a silicone mold is a smooth and soft finish for its black matt color.

Grand Prix: €550
Individually hand made the Grand Prix are a true art piece made from a composite materials that combine a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin. The finish after sand is the remembrance of a volcanic stone. 

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Shortlist certificates: €200

Each certificate is handcrafted and unique. The concrete certificate is composed of a base of white cement, silica sand, and water. This base is reinforced by glass fiber to be lighter, stronger and long lasting. Color pigments are also added to give it its color. The Gold, Silver and bronze have a solid and creamy matte white finish, and the Shortlist one a varying purple. An engraved PMMA plaque accorded to the prize awarded is placed on the certificate (brushed metallic finish for the Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates, and Gerety Awards Solid Purple for the Shortlist one). Dimension: 210 x 297 mm, Weight: 1.72 kg


Please email with your order

Please note that, Shipping, Customs and/or Clearance Fees must be paid by the recipient. Courier fees will be invoiced separately from the Order. The Statue(s) and Certificates will be dispatched within approximately 4 weeks of receiving payment. 

Gerety Awards

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