Gerety Awards Store

Order duplicate or personalized engraved Gerety statues with specified credits.

Gold, Silver & Bronze statues: € 350
Beautifully crafted  winners statues are made from a black  urethane casting resin. The results casting them from a silicone mold is a smooth and soft finish for its black matt color.

Grand Prix: €500
Individually hand made the Grand Prix are a true art piece made from a composite materials that combine a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin. The finish after sand is the remembrance of a volcanic stone. 

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Shortlist certificates: €150
Frame and display your beautifully designed winners certificate for all to see.

Please email with the following:
Award: (Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Statue and Certificate or Statue/Certificate
CUT: (Communication, Craft, Innovation etc.)
Medium: (TVC/Cinema, Print, Radio etc.)
Original Entrant:
Additional Credit: (Production company, Editing Company etc.)
Shipping Address:

Please note that, Shipping, Customs and/or Clearance Fees must be paid by the recipient. Courier fees will be invoiced separately from the Order. The Statue(s) and Certificates will be dispatched within approximately 4 weeks of receiving payment.

Gerety Awards

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