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The Hidden Story - Association l'Enfant Bleu

The Hidden Story - Association l'Enfant Bleu - Book


Title: The Hidden Story
Brand: Association l'Enfant Bleu
Product/Service: Book
Client: Association l'Enfant Bleu
Entrant Company: Havas Play
Agency: Havas Play
Production Company: Havas Play
Editing Company: Havas édition
Sound Company: Havas Play
Creative Director: Fabrice Plazolles
Release Date: 2024-07-10
Duration: 02:11
Individual Credits: Havas play
Individual Credits: Havas édition
Individual Credits: Havas Media France
Notes for Judging: 50% of child pornography is originally posted by parents on social networks. This is a scourge that the association L'Enfance Bleu - Enfance maltraitée, whose raison d'être is the protection of children, wanted to tackle. L'Enfant Bleu therefore addressed all French people, and parents in particular, to alert them to the dangers of sharenting (share + parenting). Parents who are unaware of the impact of their posts, and most of whom are unaware that their profile is public, and therefore accessible to all kinds of people, including the most malicious. L'Enfant Bleu has launched "The Hidden Story" campaign, the first children's book to secretly alert parents to the dangers of sharenting: when parents read the book with their children, they discover together a cute story about pictures of cuddly toys. But for parents, the story doesn't end there. They have to reread the book and replace the references to the cuddly toy with their child. Sitting next to each other, the parents realise that these cuddly toy fans are in fact cyber paedophiles who are hijacking their photos. At the end of the story, parents could find on the association's website all the advice they needed to protect their content on their social networks, so that their children's photos were no longer accessible to anyone, and especially to anyone.

L'Enfant Bleu began distributing this book at the start of the summer holidays, a strategic period, the season when photo-sharing peaks and particulary tendentious photos...
“The Hidden Story” book has been created in two versions : physical and digital.

The physical version was distributed in the FNAC, one of the main culturel retailers in France. And one of their main shops in Paris, close to the Champs Elysées, organized a free book distribution and a meeting between members of the association and the general public.

The digital version was promoted through DOOH spaces everywhere in France, in railway stations, underground stations and shopping centers: people could scan a QR code and access the digital version of the book.

This has been possible thanks to advertising agencies such as Giraudy, Clear Channel, Groupe Mediatransports, Groupe Phénix, Retailink and Instore Media which offered DOOH spaces to the association to make the book visible during the summer.

Both versions were sent to journalists and also to influencers who usually share some pictures with their children. The physical version was also sent to the French senators and members of Parliament so that they talk about the dangers of sharenting.
Additional Credits: Association L’ENFANT BLEU

President: Isabelle DEBRÉ

Managing Director: Laura MORIN

Agency: Havas Play

President & CEO: Stéphane GUERRY

Chief Operating Officer : Emeric Deminière

Chief Creative Officer : Fabrice PLAZOLLES

Copywriter: Romain JOUFFRIAULT

Art Director: Nicolas MAITROT
Art Director: Coraline Vacher

Junior Art Director: Erwan Thomas

Illustrator: Chloé Mencarelli

Motion Designer : Lynn Rammal

Brand Director: Ugo MEDIONI

Strategic Planner: Hugo SAEZ

Head of influence and PR: Audélia LELOUP
Influence Manager : Céline Tran

Media Agency : Havas Media France

Co-CEO : Caroline Le Moal & Marion Haan

Head of OOH : Isabelle Pires

Publisher: Havas Edition

Director of publication: Etienne CURTIL

Production supervisor: Marie GLATT JAMET & Rose-Aimée GEMAIN

Display director: Isabel PIRES