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Lufthansa Pride Campaign 2023: "The World Says Yes to You" - Lufthansa

Lufthansa Pride Campaign 2023:


Title: Lufthansa Pride Campaign 2023: "The World Says Yes to You"
Brand: Lufthansa
Product/Service: Lufthansa
Client: Lufthansa
Entrant Company: Accenture Song Germany
Agency: Accenture Song Germany
Production Company: RadicalMedia
Sound Company: No8
Creative Director: Managing Director Creation: Fabian Frese
Title: Brazil
Title: Greece
Title: USA
Release Date: 2023-06-21
Individual Credits: Managing Director Client Service: Barbara Brunner
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director: Till Monshausen
Individual Credits: Creative Director: Sebastian Hölzer, Dominik Schneck
Individual Credits: Account Director / Account Manager: Jasmin Sanehy
Individual Credits: Account Manager: Alva Angeli
Individual Credits: Art Direction: Justus Düsenberg, Fenja Drießen, Leonie Petersen
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Levi Gräff, Irena Braun
Individual Credits: Agency Producer: Alexander Schillinsky
Individual Credits: Post Producer: Mathis Rudnik, Ole Brand
Individual Credits: Motion Design: Franzis Mosel
Individual Credits: Retouch Artist: Tobias Schliepenköter, Martin Piechotta
Individual Credits: Final Artwork: Ralf Seelig, Anne Schmücker
Individual Credits: Print Producing: Stephan Gerlach
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: Unfortunately, traveling is still associated with uncertainties for queer people. The consequence: the LGBTQIA* community mostly travels to a few places considered queer-friendly – the world becomes smaller when you are queer. Lufthansa does not want to accept this and aims to help queer people discover the world without fear during Pride Month. Thus, for pride month, the airline changed its slogan from "Say Yes to the World" to "The World says Yes to you.", creating awareness first. Then, in a documentary short film campaign, Lufthansa showed places that a queer traveler would usually avoid – but where there are people who have created islands of tolerance despite the queer-unfriendly environment, explicitly welcoming the queer community: Brian hosts Gay Rodeos in the conservative West of the USA. Nuala has turned her surf school into a safe house for queer women in Brazil, away from the major cities which are challenging places for the LGBTQIA* community. And Konstantinos has taken on the task of establishing a queer cultural scene in patriarchal Athenian society, far from queer destinations like Mykonos or Lesbos. These stories are part of a long-term project: to create a guidebook of safe travel destinations away from the classic queer destinations.
Additional Credits: Production Company: RadicalMedia
Exec Producer: Ben Schneider
Producer: Craig Dixon
Production Assistant: Clement Brochard
Production Assistant: Mia Henderson
Director: Mollie Mills
Director of Photography: Jaime Ackroyd
Fixer: NeedaFixer, Jason Cooper
Casting: People File
Editor: Philipp Müller
Junior Editor: Luk Müller
Music: Joseph Chesson
Post Producers: Glen Percival & Tanya Johnson
Grade: Joseph Chesson

Media Agency: Mindshare GmbH Client Service
Global Client Lead: Yvonne Nissar
Account Director: Mareike Schroeder
Client Service Senior Consultant: Stefanie Anthes
Client Service Consultant: Christin Mauder