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Extinction days - WWF

Extinction days - WWF - Charity


Title: Extinction days
Brand: WWF
Product/Service: Charity
Client: WWF
Entrant Company: &Co. / NoA
Agency: &Co. / NoA
Production Company: &Co. Productions
Editing Company: &Co. Productions
Creative Director: Claus Collstrup
Release Date: 2024-01-29
Individual Credits: Jonathan Slyngborg Fjord
Individual Credits: Sophie Hotchkiss
Individual Credits: Mark Ellegaard
Individual Credits: Sarah Gandil
Individual Credits: Christoffer Reimer Petri
Individual Credits: Morten Grundsøe
Individual Credits: Palle Aufeldt
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: Together with WWF, Google, and leading scientists from around the world, we have, for the first time in history, estimated when our most endangered species will go extinct. And then compiled those dates into a calendar accessible to everyone.

By being inside peoples’ calendar we have created our own media channel with zero media cost. This also means that the campaign won’t only run during a campaign period. It will run continuously and keep pushing our message. One reminder at a time.