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Coca - Cola "Masterpiece" - The Coca - Cola Company
Coca - Cola

Coca - Cola


Title: Coca - Cola "Masterpiece"
Brand: The Coca - Cola Company
Product/Service: Coca - Cola
Client: The Coca - Cola Company
Entrant Company: Yessian Music
Production Company: HeadsUp Production
Editing Company: Electric Theatre Collective
Sound Company: Yessian Music
Release Date: 2023-03-06
Duration: 01:52
Individual Credits: Brian Yessian: CCO/Partner at Yessian
Individual Credits: Michael Yessian: Head of Production/Partner at Yessian
Individual Credits: Gerard Smerek: Global Creative Director at Yessian
Individual Credits: Matt Nelson: Executive Producer at Yessian
Individual Credits: Garth Neustadter: Composer (Yessian)
Individual Credits: Jeff Dittenber: Director of Sound Design/Lead Sound Designer at Yessian
Individual Credits: Jacob Wolfe: Assistant Sound Designer at Yessian
Individual Credits: Scott GatteƱo: Audio Mixer/Director of Technology at Yessian
Individual Credits: Marlene Bartos: Managing Director/Executive Producer at Yessian
Additional Credits: Advertising Agency - BLITZWORKS
Film Production - Academy Films
Music & Sound Design - Yessian
VFX and Post Company - Electric Theatre Collective
Editing - tenthree
Client - The Coca-Cola Company
Licensing - The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Inc
Licensing - Bridgeman Images
Licensing - Tate UK

Client Leads - Manolo Arroyo, Selman Careaga, Pratik Thakar, Chase Abraham, Mariana Manso, Erika Wolthers

Global Chief Creative Officer - Ajab Samrai
Concept Designer - Ajab Samrai
Art Director - Ajab Samrai
Copywriter - Ajab Samrai

Chief Commercial Officer - Michael Faust
Account Lead - Marcus Brown
Agency Project Manager - Bryan Obonyo

Director - Henry Scholfield
Director of Photography - Ben Todd
Production Designer - Mark Connell
Executive Producer - Simon Cooper
Producer - Tim Page
Producer - Francine Linsey
Producer - Ash Lockmun