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EDEKA "Merry Easter" - EDEKA Stiftung & Co. KG



Title: EDEKA "Merry Easter"
Brand: EDEKA Stiftung & Co. KG
Product/Service: Retail
Client: EDEKA
Entrant Company: Jung von Matt AG
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Production Company: Cobblestone Filmproduktion
Sound Company: Factory Studios
Creative Director: Melis Adigüzel-Tripp
Individual Credits: Szymon Rose, CCO
Individual Credits: Daniel Schaefer, CCO
Individual Credits: Thomas Heyen, Creative Managing Director
Individual Credits: Jörg van der Vegte, Senior Art Director
Individual Credits: Oliver Bernotat, Senior Film Director
Individual Credits: Florian Laufenberg, Client Service Director
Individual Credits: Simon Zinserling, Account Director
Individual Credits: Jankel Huppertz, Head of TV
Individual Credits: Sophie Lotsch, Producer
Individual Credits: James Marsh, Director
Individual Credits: Jakob Ihre, DOP
Individual Credits: Juri Wieser, Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Claas Meineke, Chief Marketing Officer
Individual Credits: Stephanie Finkbeiner, Head of Business Unit
Individual Credits: Anja Tirtey, Head of Department
Individual Credits: Theresa Albertz, Team Lead
Individual Credits: Helen Bake, Project Lead
Notes for Judging: Every year, 7.7 million people worldwide are diagnosed with dementia. Early detection is important, but the first symptoms are often dismissed as typical signs of aging.
EDEKA launched a unique Easter campaign across Germany: Since mixing up dates is an early sign of Alzheimer's, EDEKA mixed up the holidays. So, Christmas was celebrated on 24 March – in the middle of Easter time. While everyone else was getting in the mood for Easter, there were Christmas decorations in 11,000 EDEKA stores, Christmas roast recipes on social media and a typically emotional Christmas commercial on TV.
The confusion among the public and the press created the attention EDEKA needed for a new product launch available in all EDEKA stores: the Christmas Bunny. A unique blend of Santa and the Easter Bunny, which became a symbol for early detection of Alzheimer's disease. Every purchased chocolate figure supported the Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V. and over €250,000 in donations were generated.