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Rum Better With Pepsi - Pepsi - Pepsi JPG
Rum Better With Pepsi - Pepsi - Pepsi JPG
Rum Better With Pepsi - Pepsi - Pepsi JPG
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Rum Better With Pepsi - Pepsi

Rum Better With Pepsi - Pepsi - Pepsi


Title: Rum Better With Pepsi
Brand: Pepsi
Product/Service: Pepsi
Client: PepsiCo
Entrant Company: alma DDB
Agency: alma DDB
Production Company: Carbo Films
Creative Director: Daniel Correa, Bruno Trad
Release Date: 2023-07-27
Duration: 00:00
Individual Credits: Alvar Suñol, Co President & CCO, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Isaac Mizrahi, Co-President & CEO, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Daniel Correa, Executive Creative Director, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Bruno Trad, Creative Director, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Karen Udler, Group Account Director, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Vanessa Foinquinos, Account Supervisor, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Jay Rivera, Executive Producer, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Rosi Pratts, Head of Business Affairs, alma DDB
Individual Credits: Javier Carbo, President, Carbo Films
Individual Credits: Marcal Vaquer, Photographer
Individual Credits: Raya Sader, Paper Artist
Individual Credits: Juary Leocadio, Retoucher
Additional Credits: #BetterWithPepsi is more than a tagline— it’s become an unapologetic reminder for cola lovers to always enjoy their favorite food and beverages with what tastes best: a refreshing Pepsi. The brand has used this platform to demonstrate the cola’s perfect matchup with favorite American foods like burgers, pizzas and hot dogs, but in 2023, they wanted to shift its marketing focus to a new category that’s been a long-time cola matchup— alcohol.

Specifically, Pepsi wanted to reposition consumers’ take on the classic Rum and Cola. For over 100 years, Rum and Coke has been a staple on cocktail menus, but blind taste tests prove 56% of participants prefer mixing rum with Pepsi compared to Coke. Pepsi wanted to lean into this cultural tension, and ignite a conversation on Rum and Coke vs. Rum and Pepsi.

To challenge the common order of Rum and Coke, the campaign would creatively and provocatively show consumers how Pepsi is actually the preferred mixer for Rum. Whether slow sipping to stay cool at the beachside, toasting to friends at the bar or just enjoying the company of family and friends at home, one thing is clear: no matter where you find yourself, Pepsi enhances the taste of rum. So, why limit yourself to the other cola if it's proven that Rum tastes #BetterWithPepsi?

We wanted to leverage this global cultural habit and continue encouraging consumers to always challenge the norm, and choose the optimal way to enjoy their favorite food, and now, beverages— with a cold, crisp Pepsi.

The truth is, Rum is #BetterWithPepsi, and the proof isn’t just in the research, it’s also in the logos. Using a professional paper artist and skilled photographer, we uncovered the Pepsi globe logo hidden in plain sight of Captain Morgan and Bacardi logos. Because while Pepsi might not be on the cocktail menu, it’s always in the picture.

We placed these provocative, craft-led images across social media and SEO buys, high-profile print placements including The New York Post and The Atlanta Journal, OOH placements on the beaches of Miami, as well as outside popular bars, restaurants and liquor stores in cities across the U.S. We also launched a promotion in partnership with alcohol delivery platform Drizly— offering users who order Rum and Pepsi $0 Delivery or $5 off their order.

The images earned 432MM impressions via earned media and OOH, while the #BetterWithPepsi promotional code used in our Drizly partnership saw a much higher redemption rate than they have seen with other promo codes this year. Additionally, month-over-month sales saw a significant increase for Pepsi during the campaign period.

With the buzz and excitement around the prints, this execution served as a strong contributor to the 589 bars switching to Pepsi instead of Coke. One of the rum brands even took notice and graciously delivered a life-sized Captain Morgan statue to the Pepsi headquarters, letting the brand know they also agree Captain Morgan goes #betterwithpepsi, opening the door for a collaboration to help give rum-lovers the perfect duo.