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Mr. Beaver's Yule Log - Grocery store - IGA MP4 1m:33s

Mr. Beaver's Yule Log - IGA
Grocery store

Mr. Beaver's Yule Log - IGA - Grocery store


Title: Mr. Beaver's Yule Log
Brand: IGA
Product/Service: Grocery store
Client: IGA
Entrant Company: Tonic DNA
Agency: Sid Lee
Production Company: Tonic DNA
Creative Director: Alex Bernier
Release Date: 2023-11-30
Duration: 01:33
Individual Credits: Director: Kun Chang
Individual Credits: Director: Fabien Fulchiron
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Stefanie Bitton
Individual Credits: Senior Producer: Frédérique Parenteau
Individual Credits: Project Manager: Sofie Lamontagne
Individual Credits: Coordinator: Fanny Desseaux
Individual Credits: Creative Director: Jonathan Lavoie
Individual Credits: Creative Director: David Allard
Individual Credits: Environment Design: Phoebe Mao
Individual Credits: Storyboards: David Golstyn
Individual Credits: Storyboards: Ana Eskildsen
Individual Credits: Storyboards: Michelle McKelvey-Faucher
Individual Credits: Editing: Marc-André Bourgoin
Individual Credits: Editing:Nadim Chartouni
Individual Credits: Concept Art: Pedro Conti
Individual Credits: Concept Art: Lisandre Thériault-Brunet
Individual Credits: Character Design: Isabella Ceravolo
Individual Credits: Character Design: Michael Renaud
Individual Credits: Environment Design: Cindy Foucault
Additional Credits: Sobeys Vice President of Marketing: Carl Pichette
Marketing Director, IGA, Rachelle Béry, Tradition and Bonichoix: Caroline Duhamel
Creative team: Quentin Fachon, Simon Caspar, Kristina Campbell
Creative collaboration: Francis Lévesque, David Lambert, Julie Desrochers, Maxime Paiement
Executive producer: Carolyne Goyette
Producer: Joannie Tellier
Production coordinator: Elisa Hernandez Riveiro
Consulting service group director: Thalie Poulin
Account Director: Priscilla Marullo
Advisor: Nadia Gilles
Strategy Director: Nicolas Naulevade
Strategist: Corinne Blair
CG supervisor: Fabien Fulchiron
3D Character supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling and grooming: Flooul Animation, Pedro Conti, Gustavo Ramos, Lincoln Horita
Character Rigging: KippCase Rigging Studio
Environment Modeling: Fabien Fulchiron, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet, Ariane Ouimet
Texture & Lighting: Fabien Fulchiron, Lisandre Thériault-Brunet, Ariane Ouimet, Maxime Pelletier
Animation Supervisor: Wiley Townsend
Layout and Posing: Cindy Foucault
3D Animation: Cindy Foucault, Gabriel Fazzioni, Wiley Townsend
3D Animation- Nebula Studio
Project Manager: Ana Fino
Animation Coordinator: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Animators: Ahmed Adel, David Omair, Gabriel Garcia Poignet
Matte Painting: Michael Renaud
Compositing Lead: Marc-André Bourgoin
Compositing: Marta Grasso, Marc-André Bourgoin
Motion Design: Alien Ma Alfonso
Color grading: Benoît Côté