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Be one of many - Mercedes-Benz

Be one of many - Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz


Title: Be one of many
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Product/Service: Mercedes-Benz
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Entrant Company: Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH
Agency: team x / antoni
Production Company: Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH
Editing Company: nhb studios
Sound Company: Kraatz Studios
Creative Director: Daniel Duhn, Daniel Kaufmann
Release Date: 2023-03-08
Duration: 01:00
Individual Credits: Partner & Managing Executive Director: Marcell Francke
Individual Credits: Creative Producer: Marjorie Jorrot, Meike Kornrumpf, Aras Sehatkar
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Leonie Hallet
Individual Credits: Managing Director: Christina Müller, Daniel Dürbeck
Individual Credits: Senior Account Manager: Julian Holland-Moritz, Moritz Buchholz, Sarah Achatz
Individual Credits: Direction: Fiona Jane Burgess
Individual Credits: Cinematography: Andreas Bjørseth
Individual Credits: Acting: Reema Juffali, Johanna Mercia Weiß, Adi Ofek, Nandi Bushell, Tallulah Leggett, Amaya Christa, Alicia Pope, Josephin Kuhn, Damir Mahomedov, Theodor Sostaric, Lion Dzhong, Renzo Moyse, Aliyah Pankow
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Vera Portz
Individual Credits: Producer: Emely Ashley Sudhaus
Individual Credits: Assistant Producer: Eva Kuhar
Individual Credits: Assistant Producer: Artemis Krull
Individual Credits: 1st AD: Gregor Budde-Petrusch
Individual Credits: Production Manager: Marc Drobny
Individual Credits: VTR: Frank Hellwig
Individual Credits: Production Designer: Lilo Klinkenberg & Léonie Britz
Individual Credits: Styling: Julia Quante
Individual Credits: Casting: Kyra Sophie & Hannah Ashby Ward
Notes for Judging: Every car fan knows that Bertha Benz was the first woman to ever drive a car. But for International Women's Day 2023, we wanted to send a message that is bigger than our company history. A message that women all over the world can identify with. Unfortunately. For centuries, women have been making history as the first, the best or the only ones to achieve something. They are celebrated because they are exceptional. We have had enough of these stories. And asked ourselves instead: What if a successful woman was no longer an exception – but one of many?
The provocative message from our female protagonists: "I don't want to make history. I don't want to be the only woman. I want to be one of many." Director Fiona Jane Burgess stages our message in a school. Where we encounter stereotypical role models for the first time, the film questions them. The look at successful women from the past is initially reminiscent of typical "empowerment adverts" – but then comes the decisive twist. The film skilfully picks up on the feminist zeitgeist and sheds light on the topic of equal opportunities in a surprising way. Provocative, clear and yet sensitive.
Additional Credits: Co-Production: Smuggler | Hairstyling: Rabea Richwien |
Social Media: Compressed | Photography: Janine Sametzky | Grading: Julian Alary | Research Team: Lilian Tietjen, Lilli Seidel & Daniela Reichelt | Steadicam Operator: Yoshua Berkowitz | Make Up: Paloma Brytscha | Gaffer: Benjamin Erdenberger | Key Grip: Hannes Tröger | Film Lab: Studio L’Equipe | Music Title: Do What I Want | Composition: Luke Fabia & Peter Raeburn | Music Assistant: John Mourounas | Choir: Iyla Raeburn, Lucy Dinerstein, Isla Blue Perttula, Ada Scatena, Isadora Deighton, Anabelle Deighton, Chili Dickins, Audrey Bond, Rae Olivia Hall, Deia Cantor, Noëlle Saulnier, Olivia Saulnier | Choir Conductor: Megan Wyler | Backing Vocals: Roo Savill