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Oblivia Coalmine - Make My Money Matter

Oblivia Coalmine - Make My Money Matter - NGO


Title: Oblivia Coalmine
Brand: Make My Money Matter
Product/Service: NGO
Client: Make My Money Matter
Entrant Company: Lucky Generals
Agency: Lucky Generals
Production Company: Somesuch
Editing Company: WORK
Sound Company: No8
Creative Director: Danny Brooke-Taylor
Release Date: 2023-11-28
Duration: 01:18
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: Make My Money Matter is a not-for-profit organization, set up by the director and philanthropist Richard Curtis, among others. It has a very specific focus: to encourage people to shift their pensions into more ethical, future-facing industries.

Why? Well, almost all of us accept that climate change is affecting the planet. And many of us are trying to take steps in our own lives, to minimise our own carbon footprint: whether that’s eating less meat, taking fewer flights, recycling stuff or just switching appliances off around the house. But research shows that moving our pension makes 21 times more difference than all of these other actions put together.

That’s because the entire fossil fuel industry is powered by ordinary people’s hard-earned savings (£88 billion in British funds alone).

The challenge is that, despite the scale of the opportunity and the strength of our good intentions, most of us are completely clueless about where our pension money goes. (Only 10% of British pension holders say they know a lot about this and only 29% are aware that their pension might be causing climate change). Worse still, we’re not queuing up to find out, because pensions are frankly so dull that we’d rather just pay our Direct Debit and forget about it.

This campaign set out to cut through the boredom and reach the millions of people who care about the environment but are unwittingly invested in fossil fuels.

To do this, we had to shock people out of their apathy, so we turned national treasure Olivia Coleman into the disgusting fossil fuel boss Oblivia Coalmine – to thank savers for their support. We were deliberately provocative. After all, nothing gets people's attention like the idea that they've been tricked. But we also used dark humour, so that people were entertained and didn’t feel like they were being lectured to.

There was little-to-no paid spend, so we relied on organic social media, PR and word-of-mouth to get our message across (another reason why the execution had to pack a punch). Then having raised awareness of the issue, we provided tools on the Make My Money Matter site, to help people find out more and make the switch.

The campaign only broke in December 2023 but within weeks, it had generated huge levels of awareness, with over 300 media articles published and 14 Million organic views generated. Within a month, likelihood to shift to a green pension rose sharply from 32% pre, to 48% post. And while it’s still early days, thousands have already visited MMMM to take the first steps.

Thanks everyone. And sorry, Oblivia.