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Chhoti Soch? - Urban Company
Consumer Services

Chhoti Soch? - Urban Company - Consumer Services


Title: Chhoti Soch?
Brand: Urban Company
Product/Service: Consumer Services
Client: Urban Company Technologies India Private Limited
Entrant Company: Superfly Films Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Talented Webco Private Limited.
Production Company: Superfly Films Pvt. Ltd.
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Duration: 03:50
Individual Credits: Kopal Naithani - Founder/Director
Individual Credits: Binaifer Dulani - Creative
Individual Credits: Leena Gupta - Creative
Individual Credits: Shivani Gairola - Creative
Individual Credits: Vaibhav Pachisia - Creative
Individual Credits: Gautam Reghunath - CEO & Co-founder
Individual Credits: PG Aditiya - CCO & Co-founder
Individual Credits: Nabil Kureshi - Agency Producer
Individual Credits: Aakash Desai - Brand Strategy
Individual Credits: Karishma Changroth - Brand Strategy
Individual Credits: Producer: Tarun Bali
Individual Credits: DOP: Cherin Paul
Individual Credits: DA/AD: Dimple Soni
Individual Credits: PM: Fardeen Shaikh
Individual Credits: Post Producer: Mithun Bangera
Individual Credits: Editor: Jayant Tiwari
Individual Credits: Music Director: Haroon and Gavin Pereira
Individual Credits: Accounts Manager: Rakesh Sharma
Individual Credits: Line Producer: Alpesh Zaveri
Individual Credits: Online Editor: Raj Chaudhari
Notes for Judging: In a world run largely by men, it was only natural that women’s work, and working women were, and continue to be, denigrated, especially so in societies that are more patriarchal than others. Working women are often looked down upon, as if they have exceeded their limits. Even more so when the work they do supposedly challenges society’s moral codes. As a director, and a woman at that, the challenge was to frame all these elements – misogyny, moral shaming, empowerment, self-respect, womanhood, and above all, confidence – in an intra-family discussion that cuts across gender, age, family, and most important, occupation. The shame of the teenage brother from his friends’ mocking, the mother’s hidden embarrassment, the sister’s unapologetic attitude as well as her confidence and patience, all of this have been brought together in a narrative arc that places women’s empowerment at the top. The dynamic between the brother and sister also forces the viewer to re-evaluate their own perceptions of the work that women do. Instead of making the job male-focused, the gaze shifts to a woman-centric worldview of a masseuse’s profession. This shift reorients the viewer’s perspective a full 180 degrees.