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myclimate Carbon Tracker - myclimate

myclimate Carbon Tracker - myclimate - myclimate


Title: myclimate Carbon Tracker
Brand: myclimate
Product/Service: myclimate
Client: Stiftung myclimate
Entrant Company: Jung von Matt AG
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Production Company: Championship Records
Creative Director: Arne Stach, Nicolas Linde
Release Date: 2023-05-01
Duration: 02:00
Individual Credits: Daniel Schaefer (Chief Creative Officer)
Individual Credits: Szymon Rose (Chief Creative Officer)
Individual Credits: Daniel Schweinzer (Managing Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Christine Ramm (Senior Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Hannes Binder (Senior Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Josefine Naß (Senior Art Director)
Individual Credits: Serif Karakoyun (Digital Video Artist)
Individual Credits: Dennis Wendt (Senior Producer)
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: Situation:
If you take a look at social platforms, showing off your travel experiences seems to be a big thing. This is bad for the planet and sets a bad example for millions of followers. It seems to be high time to confront people all around the globe with their excessive travel behavior.

1% of the world’s population causes as much CO2 emissions from flights as the other 99%. This striking number becomes even more shocking when you consider the social media reach of this privileged group and their love for sharing travel experiences.
According to a representative myclimate study 66% of holiday bookings in Germany are inspired by influencer content. So the influencer’s postings are the perfect spot to raise awareness for the issue of extensive air travel.

As an NGO advocating for climate protection worldwide, myclimate aimed to raise awareness for responsible travel and draw attention to the excessive flying habits.

We developed an intelligent bot to confront influencers and celebrities with their travel behavior. The myclimate Carbon Tracker scans air travel based on instagram location markers. From the identified routes it generates social media comments and the first influencer CO2 ranking.

This is how it works: Our bot analyzes the location markers in their posts on Instagram. Based on the distance to the location marker of the previous post it is able to detect flights and to calculate the amount of CO2 emissions they have caused. It then automatically generates personalized comments which publicly remind people to consider alternative ways of traveling and to to donate for climate projects.

Our bot tracked the profiles of over 1000 of the most influential people on social media. When it detected a post with a location marker a flight distance away from the previous one, it commented. Over 20.000 times we asked to consider travel alternatives and support climate projects.

Additionally we collect the data in an online ranking which sums up the emissions and shows the issue of extensive air travel to the public beyond social media.

Over 20.000 times we confronted influencers personally and directly with their individual flight behavior and CO2 emissions. This was not only recognized by themselves, but also by their followers. Many discussions were initiated in the comment section showing that people understand how important it is to consider alternative travel options. But it didn’t stop there. The campaign was subject of discussion in the international press, as well.
Resulting in a media reach of over 770 million and 950% more visitors on our website.

Technical information:
We have programmed our own bot that identifies location markers in Instagram posts. The locations are verified via various interfaces and translated into Google Maps coordinates. The distance between the coordinates is converted into CO2 emissions using the myclimate emissions database. From this, the bot automatically generates individual comment texts. The comment texts including the profile URL and the post URL are written into a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is automatically read by Phantombuster. The comments are then automatically sent via Phantombuster. Phantombuster is a bot tool that posts comments on social media with a fixed IP address and a flexible interval so that Instagram does not recognize you as a bot and ban you. Nevertheless, we were occasionally banned from time to time due to users. We therefore worked with several profiles (@mccarbontracker.01, @maccarbontracker.02, etc.) so that we could post continuously. We have written extra pointed comments for particularly prominent profiles. We have sent these from our official profile @mccarbontracker. In the backend of the bot, you can click to open the Instagram post you want to comment on. The predefined comment with the individually calculated distance and emission is copied to the Instagram comment field via the clipboard. The comment appears to Instagram as if it was posted by a regular user and not by a bot. Incidentally, this is also how Phantombuster works. Here it is only important to maintain a flexible posting interval so that you are not identified as a bot.
Additional Credits: Development of Bot and Ranking: Championship Records
Christian Sander (Creative Technologist)
Stefan Gastoni (Developer)

Kunde: Stiftung myclimate
Kai Landwehr (Leiter Global Marketing, Co-Geschäftsleitung)
Stephan Hayoz (Teamleiter Visuelle Kommunikation)
Birte Rinaz (Teamleiterin Corporate Kommunikation)