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How Far We've Come - Hyundai Motor Company

How Far We've Come - Hyundai Motor Company - Hyundai


Title: How Far We've Come
Brand: Hyundai Motor Company
Product/Service: Hyundai
Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Entrant Company: Jung von Matt AG
Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Production Company: Bonaparte
Creative Director: Blake Waters & Felix Umbach
Release Date: 2023-07-20
Individual Credits: Szymon Rose Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Daniel Schaefer Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Robert Zitzmann Managing Director
Individual Credits: Katja Kraus Managing Director
Individual Credits: Alexander Michaelsen Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Ronnie Patt Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Felix Umbach Creative Director
Individual Credits: Joachim Kortlepel Creative Director
Individual Credits: Blake Waters Senior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Mark Bennett Senior Art Director
Individual Credits: Eva Backes Client Service Director
Individual Credits: Dennis Wist Project Manager
Individual Credits: Albert Hornbach Account Director
Individual Credits: Elizabeth Mabbott Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Titus Scholl Producer
Individual Credits: Brady-Lee Allen Producer
Notes for Judging: Women’s football has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1895, to the factory teams of WW1, it’s 50-year ban up to its first World Cup in 1991 and 2023’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s a story of resilience, commitment and passion. Every woman who walks onto the pitch isn’t playing for the right to play, but to be recognised as an equal.

As Hyundai have been a proud supporter of that equality before most brands jumped on board, we created a campaign that celebrates the dramatic 130-year history of women’s football. Asking the world to see just how far women’s football has come and see how far they will go.

Featuring a 60” film that follows a young female protagonist playing high-intensity football through some of women’s football’s most important moments.

Assisted with a print, OOH and social media campaign that championed the progress of women’s football.

Culminating with the Hyundai sponsored FIFA Museum in Tumbalong Park, Sydney. Featuring the inspiring exhibition - "Calling the Shots: Faces of Women’s Football". The exhibition told the story of the those who shaped the women’s game from the organisers, players, coaches, and fans who have motivated women of all ages to lace up their boots.

Finally partnering with footballing charity Common Goal to create a
a series of on-the-ground initiatives to help younger generations through the power of football.
Additional Credits: Hyundai Motor Company
Sungwon Jee Director, Head of Brand Marketing Division
Jumi Kim Head of Brand Experience Group
Saemi Shin Head of Brand Communication Team
Heejun Kim Manager of Brand Communication Team
Boyoung Joo Manager of Brand Communication Team

Philip Töpfer Managing Partner
Nico Kreis Managing Partner
Nicole Ackermann Director
Khalid Mohtaseb Director Of Photography
Jana Reinermann Executive Producer
Lola Bracegirdle-Black Director’s Rep
Sarah Hawkins Line Producer
Fallon Stang & Aratrika Das Coordinators
Julie Ackermann Director’s Assistant
Bohdan Pylpchuk Choreographer
Joy Fischer Producer
Danny Jungslund Creative
Jonathan Lichtenberg Creative