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mAIcolpevoli - Sephora

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Title: mAIcolpevoli
Brand: Sephora
Product/Service: Sephora
Client: Sephora Italia S.r.l.
Entrant Company: Media.Monks
Agency: Mediamonks Milan S.r.l.
Production Company: Mediamonks Milan S.r.l.
Editing Company: Mediamonks Milan S.r.l.
Sound Company: Mediamonks Milan S.r.l.
Creative Director: Gabriele Goffredo
Title: mAIcolpevoli - Case Board
Title: mAIcolpevoli - Main Video - BAR
Title: mAIcolpevoli - Main Video - CASA
Title: mAIcolpevoli - Main Video - UFFICIO
Title: mAIcolpevoli - teaser n.1
Title: mAIcolpevoli - teaser n.2
Release Date: 2023-11-25
Duration: 02:26
Individual Credits: DOP: Marco Spanò
Individual Credits: Film Director: Viola Folador
Notes for Judging: "mAI colpevoli" was created in observance of The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, aiming to shed light on the pervasive nature of victim blaming in society. We tasked an AI with generating three monologues, each portraying a woman's perspective as a victim of violence.

Drawing from insights gathered online regarding gender-based violence, an artificial intelligence tool crafted narratives that delved into the victims' experiences. The AI, functioning as an impartial conduit of internet discourse, produced monologues wherein the victims themselves internalized blame for the violence they endured, often rationalizing the actions of the perpetrator. This starkly illustrates the entrenched nature of victim blaming within our cultural framework, emphasizing the urgent need for awareness and dialogue to dismantle it and alleviate the burden of stigma faced by victims.

These narratives were translated into three videos, directed by Viola Folador, each capturing the essence of a theatrical performance's acts, thereby bringing the stories to life visually. The awareness campaign "mAI colpevoli," translated as ‘never guilty,’ supports the Pangea ETS Foundation.
Additional Credits: Head of Content: Felice Arborea
Creative Director: Cristina D'Anna
Creative Director: Antonio Marchio
Senior Creative: Fabio Migliorati
Art Director: Greta Pinto
Copywriter: Alessio Piazzolla
Client Service Director: Alessia Felicetti
Client Director: Maddalena Meneghetti
Account Manager: Marica Dellerba
Account Executive: Alessia Silvetti
Junior Account Executive: Giulia Calloni
Strategy Director: Alessandro Aino
Content Strategist: Martina Marandola
Content Strategist: Claudio Mattiello
Social Media Lead: Chiara Cazzaniga
Social Media Manager: Sara Mattia
Junior Social Media Manager: Mattia Turati
Head of Post production: Francesco Menichini
Post production Lead: Paolo Savini
Senior Editor & Motion Designer: Manuel De Filippis
Head of Film: Tommaso Marucchi
Executive Producer: Luca Zaccaria
Producer: Valentina Di Ciero
Jr Producer: Veronica Banfi