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Without Consent - A Message from Ella - Deutsche Telekom

Without Consent - A Message from Ella - Deutsche Telekom -


Title: Without Consent - A Message from Ella
Brand: Deutsche Telekom
Client: Deutsche Telekom
Entrant Company: adam&eveBerlin
Agency: adam&eveBerlin, DDB Group Germany
Production Company: Tempomedia
Editing Company: Tempomedia
Sound Company: Supreme Music
Creative Director: Christian El Asmar, René Herder
Release Date: 2023-07-03
Duration: 02:48
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Jens Pfau, Richard Brim
Individual Credits: Chief Strategy Officer: George Strakhov, Philipp Schwartz
Individual Credits: Creative Team: Ophelia Dartey, Lars-Frederic Rexa
Individual Credits: Sr. Copywriter: Fabio Santos, Simon Schaffhoefer
Individual Credits: Sr. Art Director: Daniel Deckarm
Individual Credits: Agency producer: Meike van Meegen
Individual Credits: Senior Planner: Gillian Orth
Individual Credits: Managing Director: Christina Antes
Individual Credits: Senior Account Manager: Florian Kroeger
Individual Credits: AR-Filter Designer: Patrick Huber
Individual Credits: Machine Learning Engineering Lead: Denis Leonov
Individual Credits: Executive Producer: Uli Jason Ulbrich
Individual Credits: Producer: Julia Moya
Individual Credits: Director: Sergej Moya
Individual Credits: Cinematographer: Armin Franzen
Individual Credits: Editor: Andrej Gontcharov
Individual Credits: Post Producer: Sebastian Raphael, Felix Schroeder
Individual Credits: VFX Supervisor: Mario Bertsch
Individual Credits: Colourist: Benedikt Hugendubel
Notes for Judging: Using the latest Al technology on a single photograph, we created the virtually aged version of a 9-year-old girl: Ella. In our film, she confronts her parents – and by extension parents worldwide – with the consequences of sharing kids' data online, sending a gut-wrenching warning from the future.

This way, our film became both a literal demonstration of AI manipulation capabilities and an emotional plea for the online safety of all children. As part of the campaign, we also created a solution to the problem: a social media filter pixelating children’s faces, empowering parents to #ShareWithCare and protect their children’s privacy.

Usually, deepfake technology requires a large data set of source videos and a complex face-mapping process. But since we wanted to stress the harm that can be done with just a single picture, our challenge was to create a whole deepfake video from a single JPEG file: a photo of 9-year-old Ella, just like those that can easily be found on social media.

We fed that photo to an AI engine that created a realistic version of a grown-up Ella by ageing her facial features. Then, we trained a machine-learning engine to recognize faces in moving images and replaced it with Ella’s aged face. Finally, we recorded Ella’s message using a stand-in actress and replaced her face using our newly trained engine. The engine was able to replace the face and maintain all the original facial expressions and emotions.

“Message from Ella” was released first on July 3, 2023. We shared our film on the relevant social media platforms, targeting parents specifically where they share their children’s data: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In cinema, we combined the emotional gravitas of Ella’s message with the immersive atmosphere of the big screen.

In a second phase, we engaged the public – activating opinion leaders on LinkedIn and TikTok. By linking our film to a campaign website, providing additional information on the topic of sharenting and identity fraud. We made the jump outside of social media to messengers like WhatsApp, turning our target audience into organic influencers themselves, spreading our message among family and friends. On our campaign landing page, we provided parents with further educational resources on how to #ShareWithCare.

After advising families to #ShareWithCare, we encouraged parents to use our social media filter to automatically pixelate children’s faces immediately when videos and pictures are taken.