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"At second glance." - German Depression Aid Foundation
German Depression Aid Foundation



Title: "At second glance."
Brand: German Depression Aid Foundation
Product/Service: German Depression Aid Foundation
Client: German Depression Aid Foundation
Entrant Company: Grabarz & Partner
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Sound Company: Studio Funk Hamburg
Creative Director: Ralf Heuel (CCO), Ralf Nolting (Creative Lead Team), Tim Lehnebach (CD)
Individual Credits: Creative Specialist Copy: Andrew McEvoy
Individual Credits: Art Director: Alberto Espeja, Lucas Osis
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Márcio Bittencourt
Individual Credits: Account Manager: Angela Schubert
Individual Credits: Chief Strategy Officer Bastian Goldschmidt
Individual Credits: Strategist: Alexander Walter
Individual Credits: Art Buying: Indra Habermann
Individual Credits: Final Artwork: Kristen Debrassine
Individual Credits: Post Producer: Alexander Sombrowski
Individual Credits: PrePress: Jörg Nagel, Katrin Redeker
Individual Credits: Art Director Online: Mashita Sugiharto, Masha Sheludiakova
Individual Credits: Development: Stephan Gerberth, Thorn Walli
Individual Credits: Creative Production: Axel Leyck, Katja Sauer
Individual Credits: Creative Creator: Fynn Maaß
Individual Credits: Editor: Anindito Waskito
Individual Credits: Media Company: WallDecaux
Individual Credits: Photography: Philipp Rathmer
Notes for Judging: (Note: This campaign was launched in August 2023, two months before the highly acclaimed film from Norwich City FC “Check In On Those Around You”, which coincidentally shares a similar insight and was first shown on “World Mental Health Day”, in October).

In Germany alone, over 5 million adults suffer from depression, the main reason why one person commits suicide every 50 minutes. Contrary to what many people believe, it doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in obvious sadness, exhaustion or apathy. It often goes unnoticed behind an apparent normality - sometimes until it’s too late. German Depression Relief Foundation would like to shed light on this misconception, support those affected and their relatives, and at the same time position itself as the first point of contact on this topic. And start a new conversation about depression, changing society’s perception about it.

In August 23, we launched print ads that show scenes from everyday life in which an obviously sad person can be seen in the foreground. Only when we take a closer look, we realize that the person actually suffering from depression is in the background, seemingly in a normal mood.

Photography played a crucial role in making those scenes look as authentic and editorial as possible, in order to achieve maximum credibility. In addition, the images also needed to provide a clear reading direction, making the audience’s gaze land first on the person in the front. They were also photographed at eye level, the same way we see other people in everyday life. This shows the audience how quickly we form opinions every day, which can be wrong an unfair.
The photos have only been minimally color matched. It was important to us to leave each photo with its situational context. The motifs are deliberately different, and yet they work perfectly together as a campaign.

Together with the expansion of the campaign to outdoor and social, the response was overwhelming. It was then shared and commented all over the internet, via news channels and the main social media networks, including influencers and business leaders, starting a whole new conversation about mental health and expanding it worldwide, with more than 160Mio impressions. Website visits, self-tests on the German Depression Relief Foundation website, newsletter subscriptions, inquiries for consultation and registrations for Germany’s Depression Congress increased significantly. Overall, the campaign has touched and helped those who deal with depression, changing the face of this disease like never before.

+160Mio impressions.
+50% online self-tests.
+146% newsletter subscriptions.
+196% Registrations for Germany’s Depression Congress.
+112% email inquiries for consultation.
Additional Credits: German Depression Aid Foundation – PR/
Marketing: Susanne Baldauf, Heike Friedewald
Audio Engineer: Christof Weische
Speaker: Sophia Baron
Music Producer: Maximilian Olowinsky (Supreme)