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H.A.N.S. - The Hateful Audio Notification Service - Chatbot - Laut gegen Nazis JPG
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H.A.N.S. - The Hateful Audio Notification Service - Laut gegen Nazis

H.A.N.S. - The Hateful Audio Notification Service - Laut gegen Nazis - Chatbot


Title: H.A.N.S. - The Hateful Audio Notification Service
Brand: Laut gegen Nazis
Product/Service: Chatbot
Client: Laut gegen Nazis
Entrant Company: Philipp und Keuntje
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje
Creative Director: Nicolas Klein, Jonas Keller
Release Date: 2022-11-07
Individual Credits: CCO fischerAppelt Group: Diether Kerner
Individual Credits: CCO: Robert Müller - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Carolin Kolbinger - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Senior Project Manager: Lena Reinke - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Art Director: Laura Peter - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Account Director Digital: Dirk Mävers - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Senior UX/UI Designer: David Schubert - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Film Producer: Lisa Krane - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Senior Editor / Motion Designer: Klas Batschkus - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Editor: Lisa Pawlowski-Neube - fischerAppelt, relations
Individual Credits: PR: Louis Sternberg - fischerAppelt, relations
Individual Credits: Trainee: Marilyn Salamov - Philipp und Keuntje
Individual Credits: Lawyer: Georg Fechner - FECHNER Rechtsanwälte
Individual Credits: Lawyer: Dr. Christian Anger - FECHNER Rechtsanwälte
Notes for Judging: Playlists called "Heil Hitler", songs that encourage rape or artists who call for killing homosexual people. Spotify is full of such content and does nothing against violence-inducing discrimination. Those affected can't fight back. No content-reporting function exists. There is no control of the content whatsoever. Out of 100 million songs, only 160 tracks and less than 20 albums were removed in 2022. Spotify offers hatred a stage with 500 million listeners.

That’s why cake, a software developer with the brand purpose "collaboration is sweet", partnered up with “Laut gegen Nazis” (“Loud Against Nazis”), a German organization that fights hate offline and online. They could not stand by while one of the biggest tech companies in the world neglects its responsibility and fails to protect its users from discrimination. So, they looked for an easy way for affected users to report discriminatory content to Spotify directly from the app. A way that triggers users and media to put Spotify under pressure without a big marketing budget.

We used a loophole in Spotify's system to add a report function for hateful content.

H.A.N.S. – the first and only way to report discriminating content on Spotify.

Users can send any content directly from the Spotify app to our WhatsApp bot H.A.N.S. (Hateful Audio Notification Service) via the Share function. The bot analyzes the shared links, asks questions, classifies, and generates a message for Spotify with a simple basis for decision-making. The message is then tweeted and delivered via email. To publicize the bot, we hijacked Spotify's annual #spotifywrapped campaign. We used the hashtag to promote our negative review of the last year right before Spotify. The assets that presented the hateful content of 2022 were created using every kind of data available from Spotify, such as the number of streams, monthly listeners, lyrics, etc. Every new data gathered by H.A.N.S. is used to create new assets; to get more and more people activated.

We started the project by gathering data from Spotify, e.g., which songs use discriminating language, how often those songs are played, by how many people, how many people a discriminating artist or playlist reaches, etc. We used tools like Chartmetric to gather this data. By interpreting these facts, we created impactful assets that we posted while interest for the new #spotifywrapped campaign peaked in late November. We got H.A.N.S.'s number on thousands of phones by promoting it this way. Then, we gathered our own data from the content that users reported and turned it into new campaign assets.

As the campaign ran on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, its potential reach was huge. And with music being a popular topic, the different algorithms spread our assets to a diverse audience.

After hijacking #spotifywrapped, H.A.N.S.'s number was on thousands of phones. In the first 3 months, over 5,000 pieces of content were already reported. Continuous updates on the progress and the nature of the content users were reporting with H.A.N.S. kept the community motivated while also boosting public topic awareness (+400%). Fans, press and prominent German musicians supported our demand for Spotify to increase content control.
With two of them being the biggest acts in Germany. Smudo, head of the rap group Die Fantastischen Vier, is one of Germany's most famous musicians. Sebastian Krumbiegel, head of the pop group Die Prinzen, is the most famous musician from former East Germany (GDR).

The streaming giant is feeling the pressure but still hesitates. The good news is that the massive media attention drew in their biggest competitor, Apple Music, who reached out and wants to partner up. Nevertheless, H.A.N.S. is not giving up and will continue to fight against every single reported discrimination on Spotify – until the streaming giant accepts its responsibility and starts taking action.
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FECHNER Rechtsanwälte