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Memorial Routes - STOPACCIDENTES - Consumer Services


Title: Memorial Routes
Product/Service: Consumer Services
Entrant Company: HeimatTBWA\ Germany
Agency: HeimatTBWA\ Germany
Editing Company: Pirates ‘n Paradise GmbH
Sound Company: 3Klang GmbH, Blut GmbH
Creative Director: Kristoffer Heilemann (MCD)
Release Date: 2023-11-17
Duration: 02:00
Individual Credits: Matthias Storath (CCO)
Individual Credits: Mark Hendy (Executive Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Konstanze Druyen (Executive Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Sebastian Kollat (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Monder Jiyawi (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Andy Cruz (Art Director)
Individual Credits: Daniel Guiu (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Naomi Koelbel (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Benjamin Pleissner (Strategy)
Individual Credits: Alina Koll (Agency Producer)
Notes for Judging: Despite advancements in automotive safety, the number of traffic incidents is still increasing, indicating a lack of public awareness surrounding the topic.

StopAccidentes’ Memorial Route campaign created an activation around this pressing social issue. How?

By transforming everyday technology into a powerful tool for families affected by road accidents to not only honour the victims but to raise road-safety awareness among the public.

It also proved that an NGO could inspire meaningful movements to help save lives on the road, all through the power of engagement and public awareness.

In our entry, we present Memorial Route, an innovative campaign that transcends conventional approaches to road safety advocacy.

In fact, it’s more than just a campaign; it's a catalyst for change. Our initiative addresses the pressing issue of road safety by leveraging the power of storytelling, technology, and community engagement. By transforming Google Maps into a digital memorial for victims of traffic accidents, we have created a platform that not only honors those we have lost but also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of safer roads.

Memorial Route stands out for several reasons:
- Innovative Approach: We took a novel approach to road safety awareness by harnessing the ‘Add Missing Place’ feature on Google Maps and hijacking it as a tool for social impact, helping to prevent future accidents and to save lives.
- Human-Centric Design: At the heart of Memorial Route are the personal stories of those affected by road accidents. By centering our campaign around these narratives, we have created a deeply human experience that resonates with audiences on an emotional level.
- Tangible Impact: Our initiative has already made a tangible impact on road safety awareness and behaviour. With over 150.000 visits to Memorial Route locations within just 4 months, we have successfully captured the public's attention and sparked meaningful conversations all over the media about safer driving practices. With more than 315 million impressions and 5.1 earned media, without any budget, it even sparked a debate within the Spanish Parliament around the issue of safer roads.
- Scalability and Replicability: Memorial Route's success in Spain serves as a proof of concept for its scalability and replicability on a global scale to save even more lives. We can inspire similar initiatives in other countries and communities worldwide.
Additional Credits: Thilo Strecker (Agency Producer)
Cristina de Blas Dilla (Creative Freelance)
Oscar Hidalgo (Creative Freelance)
Jan Foege (Sound Design, Audio Engineer)
Michael Robb (Music Producer, Composer)
Jakob Klotz (Composer)
Sibel-Selin Kara (Speaker)
Tristan Nusch (Videographer)