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Code My Crown - Dove

Code My Crown - Dove - Dove


Title: Code My Crown
Brand: Dove
Product/Service: Dove
Client: Unilever
Entrant Company: Edelman
Agency: Edelman
Production Company: 11 Dollar Bill
Editing Company: 11 Dollar Bill
Sound Company: 11 Dollar Bill
Creative Director: Andrew Simon, Global Creative Director for Unilever
Release Date: 2023-11-15
Duration: 02:01
Individual Credits: Judy John, Global CCO
Individual Credits: Mattias Ronge, EMEA CCO
Individual Credits: Stefan Ronge, EMEA CCO
Individual Credits: Jamie George Cordwell, Global ECD
Individual Credits: John Wilds, Associate Creative Director, Copywriting
Individual Credits: Thiago Campos, Associate Creative Director, Art Direction
Individual Credits: Izzi Mordini, Designer
Individual Credits: Alberto Botelho, Senior Art Director
Individual Credits: Virginia Landau, Senior Director, Global client lead for Unilever
Individual Credits: Ashlie White, SVP Multicultural
Individual Credits: Jasmine Smith, VP Client Director
Individual Credits: Liz Harris, Associate Client Director
Individual Credits: Karen Stratakis, Global Client Director
Individual Credits: Anna Cantley, Associate Client Director
Individual Credits: Melle Hock, CSO for US and Global Strategy Director Lead for Unilever
Individual Credits: Alex Sullivan, Strategy Director
Individual Credits: Lucie Hackman, Head of Production
Individual Credits: Georgina Shann, SVP, DxI
Individual Credits: Ashley Jamieson, Project Manager
Notes for Judging: For today’s digital-native generation, representation in gaming is as crucial as representation in real life. Through an innovative strategy, we uncovered : 74% of developers said they would play a role in promoting better representation of textured hair in video games – if they could learn how to code textured Black hair. Dove has a track-record in education. Through the Dove Self-Esteem Project, founded in 2004, it is the world’s leading provider of body-confidence and self-esteem education for young people. By the same principles, if we could educate developers with the skills they needed affirm gamers’ self-perception and confidence, the impact would be huge. 
(Note: this next part is CONFIDENTIAL) We are actively working with two major gaming studios – Ubisoft (the gaming company behind the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise) as well as Undead Labs (studio behind the ‘State of Decay’ franchise) – on employing our Code My Crown guide in upcoming game launches. We have conducted virtual learning sessions with devs/art directors at both Ubisoft as well as Undead and now are in the process of determining specific launch plans.
Additional Credits: Sajhmori Dunn, Freelance 3D Artist
Malika Mutombo, Freelance 3D Artist
H.D. Harris, Freelance 3D Artist
Diandra Rose, Freelance 3D Artist
Adésayo (Ade) Adéoyé, Freelance 3D Artist
Chrissy Powell, Freelance 3D Artist
A.M. Darke, Open source Afro Hair Library, Founder & Creative Consultant, Lead Contributor
Nai'Vasha Grace, Curl Queen by Naivasha Intl, Celebrity Stylist, Lead Contributor
Isaac Olander, Tallgran, 3D Artist, Lead Contributor