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Absurd Promises - ASDRA
non-profit organization

Absurd Promises - ASDRA - non-profit organization


Title: Absurd Promises
Brand: ASDRA
Product/Service: non-profit organization
Client: Down Syndrome Association of Argentina
Entrant Company: VML Argentina
Agency: VML Argentina
Production Company: Landia
Sound Company: Violeta Music
Creative Director: Sofia Cursach
Release Date: 2023-10-01
Duration: 02:13
Individual Credits: Global CCO: Debbi Vandeven
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Pitanguy
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Nino Goldberg
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Daniel Minaker
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Sebastian Tarazaga
Individual Credits: CEO Argentina: Victoria Cole
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officers Argentina: Rafa Quijano y Daro Gonzalez
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Jeremias Buchelli
Individual Credits: Art Director: Antonella Frangi
Individual Credits: Head of Art: Fernando Rossini
Individual Credits: Art Lead: Solana Viton
Individual Credits: Martech Manager: Axel Marinsek
Individual Credits: Marketing Science Analyst: Charly Coletta / Graciela Giacomini
Individual Credits: Data Enginier: Sofia Leiva
Individual Credits: Head of production: Josefina Espil / Marcelo Fontao
Individual Credits: Editor/Animator: Leandro Ramírez
Individual Credits: Creative Operations Lead: Delfina Scalise
Individual Credits: Chief Growth Officer: Eliana Kaplan
Individual Credits: Growth Director: Carito Graziano
Individual Credits: Authoring & Business Manager: Gala Aubia
Notes for Judging: Background:

Although Down syndrome is an irreversible genetic disorder, in Argentina people with this condition are obliged to renew their disability certificate ONCE A YEAR. An old law, absurd and intentionally ignored by politicians.

In 2023, there were presidential elections in Argentina. And although more than 27 politicians ran as candidates, none of them included disability among their campaign proposals. On the contrary, they chose proposals that were demagogic, complicated and above all impossible to fulfill.

We needed to find a way to make people with Down syndrome part of the political agenda. And the time to do it was the presidential debate.

Creative idea:

For the first time, we set out to analyze the candidates' proposals live and demonstrate how difficult they were to implement.

To do so, we developed an indicator capable of measuring in real time the difficulty of implementing them. And during the first electoral debate, and in front of millions of people, we tested it.

This way, we compared the complexity of what the politicians were promising with our simple demand: a new disability law.
Additional Credits: Head of Content & Comms Strategy: Silvina Coto

Content Strategist: Silvio Luis Gardini

ASDRA Responsible:

President:  Valeria Follonier

Vice president: Sabrina Herreros

Secretary General: Alejandro Cytrynbaum

Executive Director: Pedro Crespi

Communications Manager: Soledad Bugacoff


President: Francisco Bulit Goñi

Vice President: Dominique Kantor

Member: Leandro Otero

Production Company: Landia

Director: Tomas Quartino

Executive producer: Diego Dutil

Music & Sound postproduction: Violeta Music