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Safe Stories - Brady x Ad Council
End Family Fire

Safe Stories - Brady x Ad Council - End Family Fire


Title: Safe Stories
Brand: Brady x Ad Council
Product/Service: End Family Fire
Client: Brady
Entrant Company: Dentsu Creative Chicago
Agency: Dentsu Creative Chicago
Production Company: Revival Films
Editing Company: Versus Design
Sound Company: Found Objects
Notes for Judging: Most suicide attempts happen impulsively during acute periods of mental crisis, using what means is most readily available. In the US, that's most often a firearm, leading to 25,000 deaths every year. That’s more gun deaths than mass shootings, murders and accidents combined.

Storing firearms in a gun safe prevents gun access to family, friends and neighbors, and reduces the risk of suicide by 300%. It’s the key to save countless lives.

Safe Stories is a collection of true stories by those who lived through a gun suicide attempt, bound in a unique handcrafted book that functions as a real gun safe. This physically printed book was the emotional storytelling device and educational tool at the heart of a campaign that reached 22 million gun-owning households, through book readings at gun stores, PR, social, TV, radio, outdoor, and digital media. It helped them understand the link between unlocked guns and suicide, counter misconceptions that surround the subject and change gun storage behavior.

Through this targeted approach using a mix of earned, owned, paid and donated media, we reached 22 million gun-owning American households, with a total of 222.8M impressions.

A post-campaign study by Ad Council involving adults residing in households with firearms showed that:

-Those who've seen the campaign are 4 times more likely to seek out safe storage than those who didn't.

-75% now strongly believe storing guns away locked and unloaded reduces the risk of a person dying by suicide at home.

-Over 40% have spoken with friends and family about gun safety and nearly one-third have sought additional information about safe storage.

-Nearly 60% said they have changed how and where they keep their guns in a safer manner.
Additional Credits: The Ad Council:

Michelle Hillman – Chief Campaign Development Officer
Ro Patrick – SVP, Group Campaign Director
Allison Palmer Baum – VP, Campaign Director
Kristi Rowe - Consultant
Regan Hill – VP, Strategy and Evaluation
Sammi Fischer – Campaign Manager
Brittany Bloom – Assistant Campaign Manager


Kris Brown – President and CEO
Susan Lavington – Chief Operating Officer
Christian Heyne – VP, Policy & Programs
Colleen Creighton – Director, End Family Fire
Jennifer Tinch – Manager, End Family Fire
Priscilla Natkins - Consultant
Cordy Galligan – Consultant

Dentsu Creative US

Chief Creative Officers : Pedro Perez, Rafael Rizuto
Executive Creative Directors: Niels Sienaert, Tim Schoenmaeckers
Group Creative Directors : Matt Tarulli, Chris Pacetta
Senior Content Director: Nathaniel Brav-McCabe                      
Writer : Alex Floyd
Group Design Director – Zulema Orozco
Design Director: Dee Duncan  
Art Director : Claesine Lindberg  
Production: Lara Hurnevich, Evelyn Santana-Ducos, Kelley Varga, Tyler Hovey-Wildman, John Bleeden
Account:   Sarah Gelbard, Lexi Kern, Brian Monahan, Angela E. Johnson
Strategy:   Brad Alperin, Shawna Rosen

Digital Team:
Damien Girardi - Group Design Director
Steph Wulz - Associate Design Director
Phil DeAngelis - Associate Creative Director
Kristen Cleghorn - Associate Creative Director
Moma Wilwayco - Senior Designer
Ana Andreeva - Senior Designer
Gema Putri - Senior Art Director
Eric Yoon - Senior Copywriter
Angel Delgado - Motion Designer
Darius Kirschner - Innovation Director
Claire Bartosic - Senior Experience Technologist
Wenjun Li - Associate Experience Technologist
Alicia Patrick - Senior Digital Producer
Maya Tank - Executive Producer
Polly Poulos-McCarthy - Senior Business Manager
Rosalyn Otero - Senior Project Manager
Zoë Moss - Manager, Creative Product & Operations
Shawna Ross - Chief Strategy Officer


Film Production Company: Revival Films
Address: 608 Elizabeth Street. San Francisco, CA 94114
Executive Producers: Stephanie Farmer, Terry Maxfield
Director: Luis Peña


VFX Company : Versus Design
Address: 10 E 33rd St 5th floor, New York, NY 10016
Executive Producer : K.C. Gulino
Executive Creative Director : Justin Barnes
Lead Artist: Everett Campbell
Editor: David Andreini


Music Company : Found Objects
Music Supervisor/Executive Producer : Katt Matt
Associate Creative Director & Composer – Adam Weiss
ECD & Co-founder – Jay Wadley
ECD & Co-founder – Trevor Gureckis
Head of Creative Production — Elijah Torn
Creative Director – Ben Marshall
Senior Producer – Nick Chomowicz
Music Coordinator – Lee Cash Chisholm