Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever JPG
Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever JPG
Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever JPG
Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever JPG
Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever JPG
Faces of the future - Deodorant - Unilever MP4 1m:54s

Faces of the future - Unilever

Faces of the future - Unilever - Deodorant


Title: Faces of the future
Brand: Unilever
Product/Service: Deodorant
Client: Unilever
Entrant Company: VML Argentina
Agency: VML Argentina
Sound Company: Swing
Creative Director: Sofía Cursach
Title: Australia
Title: Argentina
Title: Australia
Title: Jamaica
Release Date: 2023-08-21
Duration: 01:55
Individual Credits: Global CCO: Debbi Vandeven
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Pitanguy
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Nino Goldberg
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Daniel Minaker
Individual Credits: Deputy Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Sebastian Tarazaga
Individual Credits: CEO Argentina: Victoria Cole
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officers Argentina: Rafa Quijano y Daro Gonzalez
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Agustina Zbogar
Individual Credits: Art Director: Ailin Baldi
Individual Credits: Head of Art: Fernando Rossini
Individual Credits: Head of production: Josefina Espil / Marcelo Fontao
Individual Credits: Production Manager: Daniela Rivero
Individual Credits: Editor/ Animator: Lucia Spratt
Individual Credits: Color Correction: Leandro Ramirez
Individual Credits: Digital retouching: Hugo Horita
Individual Credits: Creative Operations: Delfina Scalise
Individual Credits: Chief Growth Officer: Eliana Kaplan
Individual Credits: Growth Director: Carolina Graziano
Notes for Judging: Background:

Football is the world’s most popular and most loved sport. It can unite nations, overcome prejudice and change people’s lives, mainly in countries with widespread gender discrimination and inequality. Despite this, only 10% of players are women. Due to this lack of role models, many girls drop out of football in their youth.

After the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, we had the big opportunity to run a global campaign that challenged people to keep supporting and playing women's football all the time, not just every four years when the World Cup is on.
Creative idea:

We decided to use the World Cup spotlight to keep lighting up women’s football, even when the spotlight is gone. Because the excitement about women's football shouldn’t end with the World Cup.

So, while the whole world was looking at the players, we decided to look at the girls being inspired by them. Because they were right there: cheering in the crowd, entering the pitch with the players or singing the national anthem next to them.

We utilized real and unposed stock images captured by FIFA during the World Cup to showcase the genuine emotions of girls whose dreams are just beginning, emphasizing that the conclusion of the World Cup marks a new chapter. The day after the World Cup final, we launched our global campaign across newspapers, billboards and social media, reaching and inspiring millions of girls to envision themselves as the future faces of the sport.
Additional Credits: Responsible for Client:

Global Brand Director – Rexona: Emily Heath

Rexona Global Assistant Brand Manager: Grace Zhiamin Lee

Brand Manager Argentina Paulo Avila

Music & Sound postproduction: Swing