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KitKat Ramadan Iftar Bar - Nestle KitKat

KitKat Ramadan Iftar Bar - Nestle KitKat - KitKat


Title: KitKat Ramadan Iftar Bar
Brand: Nestle KitKat
Product/Service: KitKat
Client: Nestle
Entrant Company: Rethink
Agency: Rethink
Production Company: Westside Studio
Creative Director: Skye Deluz, Jacquelyn Parent, Hans Thiessen, Sean O'Connor
Release Date: 2023-03-20
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Mike Dubrick
Individual Credits: Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director: Leia Rogers
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director: Morgan Tierney
Individual Credits: Art Director / Designer: Liana Mascagni
Individual Credits: Art Director: Skye Deluz
Individual Credits: Art Director / Designer: Mustaali Raj
Individual Credits: Writer: Jacquelyn Parent
Individual Credits: Associate Director of Integrated Production: Kate A. Spencer
Individual Credits: Senior Print Producer: Agnes Gilchrist
Individual Credits: Group Strategy Director: Shereen Ladha
Individual Credits: Strategic Planner: Jayne Stymiest
Individual Credits: Group Account Director: Shar Khursigara
Individual Credits: Account Supervisor: Devin Bonin
Individual Credits: Account Manager: Dharmisha Mistry
Individual Credits: Public Relations Account Director: Sara Lemmermeyer
Individual Credits: Public Relations Manager: Chenda McKissick
Individual Credits: Public Relations Coordinator: Claire Tam
Individual Credits: Photographer: Ryan Szulc
Notes for Judging: KitKat has long been synonymous with the “break” and its various meanings and interpretations within culture, from the water-cooler break at the office to the serendipitously unplanned break. But one break that hasn’t been celebrated enough by brands, is the break that happens every evening during the holy month of Ramadan: breaking your fast.

Despite there being 2 billion Muslims in the world, brands tend to overlook the most important holiday celebrated by this community, favoring Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter instead. The month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual discipline, generosity, and reflection. But it’s also a time of celebration and joy. The meal that happens at sundown, every day of the month, is called Iftar. It’s a time to gather with loved ones, crowd around the table for big meals, and exchange gifts.

To celebrate Ramadan, KitKat launched a 30-piece bar for 30-days of breaking fast, celebrating the diversity of the break in a community that’s often overlooked.

Unlike the regular four-piece KitKat, the Iftar Bar is 30 pieces-long, designed to be enjoyed piece-by-piece each evening during Iftar. It’s divided into three parts, parallelling the three stages of Ramadan. And a calendar detail is included under the physical bar to keep track of how far along people are in their fast, with each day revealed one-by-one as each piece is broken-off.

The community didn’t just love it — they felt seen after years of being ignored by brands. And despite no paid media or press release, the KitKat Iftar Bar went viral, with over 2 million impressions after only seven days. Muslims celebrating Ramadan all over the world were sharing their traditions with KitKat and engaging in conversation about what Ramadan meant to them. They commended KitKat on a thoughtful approach, voicing that this was an initiative that truly reflected an understanding of their community and traditions.

Beyond creating a new product, the Iftar Bar wasn't just a marker of celebration—it was a statement, spotlighting often overlooked communities and calling for awareness and normalization of all traditions and cultures.
Additional Credits: Producer: Meghan Buckley
Stylist: Christina Yang
Photographer: Doaa Jamal
Post Production Company: R+D Productions
Editor: Alijah Monckton
Editor (Case Study Video): Thomas McKeen

SVP, Head of Marketing: Tracey Cooke
Marketing Leader, Everyday Confectionery: Riona Coller
Senior Marketing Manager, KitKat: Aseem Gulati
Marketing Manager, KitKat: Rachel Choi