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Translators - U.S. Bank
Asistente Inteligente

Translators - U.S. Bank - Asistente Inteligente


Title: Translators
Brand: U.S. Bank
Product/Service: Asistente Inteligente
Client: U.S. Bank
Entrant Company: Weber Shandwick
Agency: Weber Shandwick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Notes for Judging: For all cultures, language is life. It’s what enables simple things like reading food labels at the grocery store to more complex things like discussing the terms of a loan.

While the U.S. has no official language, English is by far the most common one. The banking industry is no exception, and its jargon leaves the majority of Americans feeling lost. Unfortunately, a lack of banking tools and services offered in Spanish has left Hispanic Americans at a disadvantage.

Because of this, many first-generation immigrant children have to take responsibility for translating banking information for their adult family members. Seeing this first hand at U.S. Bank branches led to the creation of Asistente Inteligente, the country’s first and only Spanish voice assistant for banking.

The documentary, Translators, was intended to spark a meaningful conversation around language and access. Access to better tools and services for underserved populations – especially first-generation, Spanish-speaking Americans. In sharing the work with the world, we wanted to build both community around, and momentum for, the film and the children around whom the story centers.

We partnered with American actors Leslie Grace and John Leguizamo, who resonated with the community and broader audiences and provided an authentic connection, given their own experiences translating for their families. We leveraged their voices in major outlets ensuring that each interview became a heartfelt exchange about these shared experiences.

Then we took it to communities who know this story best. The film was shown at colleges, schools, community centers, churches and in U.S. Bank branches across the country. Sound booths at screenings allowed people to share their translator stories. The trailer was shown on the jumbotrons during Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals games. A microsite hosted the film to drive additional reach and awareness. All creative was produced in English and Spanish.

U.S. Bank was proud to put themselves second by sponsoring this unbranded film, keeping the focus on the film’s key message and the 11 million child translators to whom it was dedicated.

But their efforts did not go overlooked by Hispanic consumers: We helped to foster an authentic emotional connection, driving both brand awareness and consideration among Hispanic consumers with double-digit metric growth. What’s more, the brand attribute of “makes me feel valued” increased by 8 points among Hispanics in California, and usage of U.S. Bank’s Spanish voice assistant increased by 220%. Through one of the most American stories that had never been told, Hispanic consumers felt seen and heard by the banking industry, and U.S. Bank showed in a tangible way that language is not only access, language is life.
Additional Credits: McCann Detroit