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Personal Care

IN HER NAME - LUX - Personal Care


Brand: LUX
Product/Service: Personal Care
Entrant Company: VML Singapore
Agency: VML
Production Company: Lunar films
Editing Company: Chameleon Singapore
Sound Company: Canja
Creative Director: Marco Versolato
Release Date: 2024-04-08
Duration: 1m:ss
Individual Credits: Hinoti Joshi
Individual Credits: Kate Tong
Individual Credits: Ozkan Kusay
Individual Credits: Fanny Lemasson
Individual Credits: Gerri Hamill
Individual Credits: Lovinia Ee
Individual Credits: Sheryn Au
Individual Credits: Mateusz Mroszczak
Individual Credits: Jeremy Lim
Individual Credits: Matthew Ho
Individual Credits: Yuxuan Heng
Individual Credits: Kevin Nguyen
Individual Credits: Paul Nagy
Individual Credits: Shailesh Iyer
Individual Credits: Jessica Hartley
Individual Credits: Bas Korsten
Individual Credits: Debbi Vandeven
Individual Credits: Rafael Pitanguy
Individual Credits: Vincen Yong
Individual Credits: Team Chameleon Singapore
Notes for Judging: LUX is a global beauty brand with its purpose is to empower women to rise above everyday sexism and express their beauty unapologetically.
LUX has been fulfilling this mission in China for the last 100 years with a series of campaigns that help women smash sexist labels. One of those labels in China is given at birth.
There is an unconscious bias towards men being strong and powerful and women being soft and submissive, therefore naming their children based on gender stereotypes. So men have names like Guó Wěi (Great Nation) and Zhì Háo (Grand Purpose) whilst women have names like Wēi(Tiny) and Yà Nán (Second to man – Inferior to men).
Brief: Spotlight how women are stuck with sexist names that do not represent them.
Objective: By drawing awareness on the issue, LUX empower women to embrace names that have positive connotations and have confidence in their identity.
Additional Credits: Unilever: Severine Vauleon, Judy Fu, Letao Zhong, Chloe Yao, Nicolas Tran-Dinh, Xing Tong Sia, Kim Chua
VML ChinaL: Sky Chen, Istuki Wang, Raymond Chin, Mark Brenndorfer
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Communication: Liu Yanchun
Canja Audi: Eduardo Kara, Filipe Resende, Nessa Mafra, Ana Flor Bohrer, Flavia Medeiros, Mariana Aldrigu, Eugenio Fim, Filipe Lopes, Bruno Vieira Brixel