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Chief Trash Officer - United Airlines
United Airlines

Chief Trash Officer - United Airlines - United Airlines


Title: Chief Trash Officer
Brand: United Airlines
Product/Service: United Airlines
Client: United Airlines
Entrant Company: 72andSunny
Agency: 72andSunny
Production Company: Caviar LA
Editing Company: Whitehouse Post
Sound Company: Lime Studios
Creative Director: Maddie McDowell & Tim Howman
Release Date: 2024-02-19
Duration: 01:59
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: An irrefutable expert on trash, Oscar the Grouch would prove to be the ideal spokesperson to share the news that fuel made from garbage is the future of decarbonizing air travel. Since Oscar is uniquely qualified to help explain why trash could be the treasure that fuels the jets of the future, he was the natural (albeit, tongue-in-cheek) choice to become the first-ever “executive” hire dedicated to finding the good in garbage.  

As United’s Chief Trash Officer, Oscar eagerly schooled the world on the ABC’s of SAF. He launched a Junk Mail direct email campaign, educated 165 million+ flyers through his comical in-flight videos and helped launch the UAV Sustainable Flight Fund to provide startups with financing to accelerate SAF technology-innovations.  

And the results achieved would make even a grouch smile.

It’s working. Talking ‘trash’ generated cash…and results.   

The UAV Sustainable Flight Fund attracted 22 corporate business partners and $200+ million in funding, including more than $500,000 in donations from 115,000+ consumers. That money has spurred substantial SAF technology investments, leading to purchase agreements and alliances involving 10 companies who are investigating new use methods for producing SAF.   

The potential impact of the Fund can’t be understated - if the 152 million people who flew United in 2022 each contributed just $3.50 to the Fund (less than a morning latte!), that would be enough to design and build an SAF refinery capable of producing about 40 million gallons of alternative fuel annually.  

United Airlines’ bold initiative has been transformative – it launched SAF into the realm of public awareness and kicked off investments to build the industry around sustainable aviation fuel, essentially from scratch. 

Yep, that doesn't stink. 
Additional Credits: CLIENT: United Airlines
United Airlines
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