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Second Life - SAFARI
Safari Vintage Clothes

Second Life - SAFARI - Safari Vintage Clothes


Title: Second Life
Product/Service: Safari Vintage Clothes
Client: Fourleaf.Co.,Ltd.
Entrant Company: McCann Tokyo
Agency: McCann Tokyo
Production Company: CTM22 inc.
Release Date: 2024-03-19
Duration: 02:14
Individual Credits: Worldwide Chief Creative Officer : Javier Campopiano
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer : Valerie Madon
Individual Credits: Creative Excellence Manager : Gaurav Mishra
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director : Kazz Ishihara
Individual Credits: Art Director : Reika Kobayashi
Individual Credits: Senior Copy Writer : Minako Hanzawa
Individual Credits: Visual AI Art Creator : Melissa Boey
Individual Credits: Senior Planner : Emi Kimura
Individual Credits: Social Media Planner : Siqi Li
Individual Credits: Account Exective : Atsuko Egawa
Individual Credits: Agency Producer : Izumi Okukawa
Individual Credits: Creative Manager : Reiko Iijima
Individual Credits: Sub Copy writer : Kenji Enomoto
Individual Credits: Sub writer : Yayoi Seki
Individual Credits: Representative Director : Yoshihito Murayama
Individual Credits: SAFARI 3rd Store Manager : Yusuke Tajima
Individual Credits: SAFARI EC Division Genereal Mnager : Seiya Nagaoka
Individual Credits: SAFARI 3rd Store Buyer : Ryomei Kobayashi
Individual Credits: Production Management : Taiga Sasaki
Individual Credits: Production Assistant : Tamaki Saito
Earth Prize: 90813
Notes for Judging: Second Life is inspired by an emotionally daunting process the elderly goes through calledShukatsu (end-of-life declutt ering) where they throw away most of their belongings to get readyfor retirement such as moving into retirement homes or to avoid burdening their children whenthey pass on.

This process is emotionally draining as their belongings are not just fashion pieces but priceless memories of the life they led.

So SAFARI saw the opportunity to evolve the meaning of vintage shopping and decided to create Second Life as a unique platform that sells a collection of living stories. Each piececelebrates a first date, memorable moments with friends, and more and are retold on Instagram posts. Our younger audience gets to buy these unique pieces and are encouraged to share theirown new stories wearing them.

Every piece bought feels more valuable especially when it's also a more sustainable way of life.
Additional Credits: Photographer : Kazuma Hata
Fashion Stylist : Takafumi Kani
Retoucher : Tomoko Kusamura
Still Life Photographer : Rui Ozawa
Make Up Artist : Momoko Hagita
Hair Stylist : Saiko Hayashi
SNS photographer : Asaki Koshikawa
1st Assistant photographer : Ryuji Tamaki
Head of Production : Alfredo Seow
Video Editor : Elaine Villanueva
Translator : Kaori Mochizuki